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1,000+ Jazz Guitarists Online

Online lessons are changing the way people learn music, including how to play jazz guitar. Martin Taylor, the world's most popular online solo jazz guitar teacher, is joining in that disruption by offering a free jazz guitar course. Over 1,000 guitarists signed up to this free course within the first three days. Though Martin Taylor's course is introductory, it offers guitarists a chance to check out some of the online lessons from his online guitar school that covers concepts including:

  • Jazz Guitar Chords using the Jazz Guitar Scaffolding System
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Jazz Guitar Scales
  • Jazz Progressions
  • Guitar Voicings & Phrasing with guest Julian Lage
  • Walking bass lines with comping
  • Learn by playing tunes
  • Creating your own jazz guitar arrangements using 'guided arrangements'

This latest course from Dr Martin Taylor M.B.E. (yes, he's also been cited by the Queen herself for contributions to jazz music) finds itself in the thick of a growing trend of brick and mortar schools offering free online courses. Recently Berklee College of Music, Harvard, Stanford and Princeton have all started or announced plans to offer free online classes. Since 1985, college tuition rates and fees to study courses such as music have increased by an incredible 559% according to the New York Times.


Watch Martin's Free Guitar Lessons

Clearly, Martin Taylor has been a driving force in the growth of learning the guitar online. The Online Fingerstyle Guitar School with Martin Taylor is now a global phenomenon, with students in over 58 countries.  One of the main reasons for its staggering growth is the fact that it goes beyond one-way video guitar lessons and incorporates a patent-pending Video Exchange™ Feedback platform that enables two-way interaction. Utilizing simple web cams, smartphones, tablets or video cameras, students are able to submit practice videos and get individualized video feedback and guidance from the master himself - creating a constantly evolving two-way, online learning experience. 

In addition to his popular online guitar school, Taylor still maintains a thriving musical career.  This year he collected an unprecedented fifteenth award at the British Jazz Awards to add to his cabinet which already includes an M.B.E. from the Queen of Great Britain, two honorary doctorates, a Grammy nomination and an award for Outstanding Service to Jazz Education.

You can sign up for the free jazz guitar lessons and course by clicking here.      


Affordable Plans

Each subscription is for a single school. Pricing and features can vary slightly per school.

1 Month membership
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Unlimited Access to Lessons
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$35/month (prepaid)
3 Month membership
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12 Month membership
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