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5 Epic Country Guitar Solos

country guitar solos

Country music has given the world some of the greatest solos of all time that still retain their evergreen quality. Let's take a look at some awesome country guitar solos, starting with one from over 50 years ago.

1. "Down Yonder" from Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West

The 1950s saw Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West come up with a dazzling array of instrumental duets that have remained popular ever since. What people often forget, however, is that Jimmy Bryant was also responsible for some great solo albums in the sixties. Down Yonder is one such track from his album 'Fastest Guitar in the Country' which allowed him to unleash the country musician within in his trademark, lightning fast style. Down Yonder isn't available on YouTube it seems, but 'Frettin Fingers' from the Bryant and West duo gives ample evidence of the magic the two could weave together on the stage. 

2. "Flying Fingers" from Joe Maphis

Joe Maphis was famous for his 1956 hit 'Flying Fingers', which gave country music a link between acoustic bluegrass and country shred for the first time. For the song, Maphis made use of a six-string track and an octave-guitar unison track by playing on both necks of his double neck guitar. The Flyin Fingers was a popular part of the TV show Town Hall/Ranch Party, where Maphis played the song alongside guests like Ricky Nelson and Larry Collins.  

3. "Country Guitar" from Phil Baugh

Jump forward to 1965, and Phil Baugh introduced the world to his classic album Country Guitar. Chock full of head-turning instrumentals like 'The Finger', the main attraction of the title melody was when Baugh imitates the country guitar solos of several of the top guitarists of the day, from Chet Atkins and Les Paul to Merle Travis.    

4. "Country Boy" from Albert Lee

A great example of Albert Lee's precise style of guitar picking, akin to playing the banjo, Country Boy provides a fine example of Lee's inimitable artistic style. The song came out in 1971 and has been a fan favorite ever since.  

5. "Hollywood Boogie" from Kenny Vaughn and Marty Stuart

Here we bear witness to a duel between two legends when Kenny Vaughan and Marty Stuart join together on this staggering instrumental which pays homage to the recordings of Maphis and Bryan. Of course, you can depend on Vaughan and Stuart to keep things interesting by adding their own flourishes to the songs. Don't miss the greatest example of 'Twang' among country guitar solos by Stuart in the iconic rendition of Telecaster by Clarence White.  




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