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7 Great Country Guitar Players

country guitar player ray flacke

Electric country guitar lessons with Guthrie Trapp are coming soon to ArtistWorks. In the meantime, here are 7 country guitar players that you should get familiar with along with a brief description from Guthrie about what makes them each so great. 

1. Ray Flacke

"Ray is an English guitar player that was a major innovator of country guitar playing. His use of double stops, rhythmic playing and use of mainly front pick up and little to no pedals was very unique. Ray is a great guy and good friend."

country guitar player jamie hartford2. Jamie Hartford

"Jamie is also a good friend of mine and one of my favorite all time guitar players. He was very influenced by Roy Buchannon and has a great raw style. Jamie also uses very little or no effects. I love the way Jamie bends and is heavy inspired by the blues."

3. Marty Stuart

country guitar player martie stuart

"Marty is one of the most underrated musicians alive I feel and a great guy. He is a fantastic talent...period. Singer, writer, guitar and mandolin player. I love Marty’s soulful playing on all instruments but especially on the B-bender telecaster. He owns and plays Clarence White’s original B-bender tele."

4. Vince Gill

"Another friend of mine here in Nashville and obviously a great player. Vince is so soulful and inspired by such a wide range of music he can play anything. His bends, double stops and ballad playing are off the hook. Tone is great also."

5. Roy Nichols 

country guitar player roy nichols

"Another favorite old schooler of mine. Roy played on a ton of the classic Merle Haggard records with songs such as “Swingin Doors” & The Bottle Let Me Down”. I love that Roy just played the guitar without really trying to emulate a steel guitar. There already is steel so no need to do it twice. This is something people often overlook. I learned that lesson fast in Nashville."

country guitar player steve waringer6. Steve Wariner 

"Steve is another good friend of mine and a great country guitar player. Chet Atkins named him one of the CGP’s (Certified Guitar Players). Only a few people got this cred from Chet. Steve is another influenced by many different styles of music and is comfortable playing anything. Great tone, taste and feel. Check out some of Steve’s great records."

7. Junior Brown 

"Junior is another favorite of mine. Great sense of humor in his playing but a serious cat also. Very unique style and super bad to the bone. Great tone straight into a Fender Twin Reverb amp. I LOVE Junior’s approach to traditional country music and his wild side as well. He’s made some GREAT records full of great country guitar playing and beyond."

Learn country guitar online with Guthrie Trapp at

country guitar lessons with guthrie trapp

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