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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play an Instrument Online

benefits of learning to play music online paul gilbert artistworks

Today, it’s easy to learn music online from a world-renowned instructor.

Whether you want to play the electric guitar, piano, or banjo, there are plenty of online courses for every skill level. In this guide, we’ve shared seven reasons why you should learn musical instruments online, rather than hiring an in-person teacher.  

1. Learn from the Best Teachers in the World:

Unlike your local music academy, the best online music lessons have teachers from countries around the globe. The Internet makes it possible to access their knowledge with a few clicks. You can find the ideal teacher for your instrument, skill level, genre, and more. Some online teachers even offer personalized feedback and “office hours” that rival a university course. And if you don’t like the instructor after a few lessons, it’s easy to part ways and find a better one.

2. Spend Less Money than In-Person Lessons:

Before students started to learn music online, the normal learning process was fairly expensive. You had to hire a one-on-one teacher or enroll in a class, which could cost more than $80 a lesson. Today, it’s possible to take the best online music lessons for less than $30 a month, and all you need is a webcam-equipped computer or mobile device.  

3. Learn from Your Bedroom:

Online music lessons are more convenient than face-to-face lessons because you can roll out of bed and start learning. No need to pack your gear in the car and drive across town. You’ll save time and money that you would’ve spent commuting to a scheduled lesson.  

4. Get Access to Online Resources:

When you’re learning music online, it’s easy for the teacher to share links to sheet music, tablature, lyrics, and other resources. You can pause a lesson and check out some learning materials without offending the instructor.

5. Take Lessons Whenever You Like:

Most of us lead busy lives, and it can be daunting to fit in an hour-long music lesson after working and exercising. Fortunately, the best online music lessons offer total flexibility with your schedule. You can take a lesson before going to work, on the weekends, or late at night. It’s totally up to you.

6. Learn a Unique Instrument:

Most music teachers are proficient with popular instruments like piano and guitar, but what if you want to learn a less common instrument like the mandolin? Not every town will have a mandolin teacher, but the Internet is full of them. Don’t let physical limitations get in the way of your musical dreams! You can learn virtually any instrument online.

7. Study at Your Own Pace:

Finally, we all have different learning styles and speeds. Not every student will excel in a typical classroom, and some experience better results when they can control the pace of learning. With online music lessons, you can move onto the next concept or skill when you feel like you’ve truly mastered it.

No matter your skill level, you set the pace for musical progress. Our Grammy®-winning masters will guide you on a transformative journey. Visit ArtistWorks to learn more.

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