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Beginner's Guide to Acoustic Guitar: All-Inclusive Plan Now Available!


We’re excited to announce the addition of a new, all-inclusive plan to our Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar course that now includes Video Exchange!


The course, taught by David Butler, ArtistWorks Chairman and Cofounder, features hundreds of hands-on instructional videos, play along tracks, progress video checkpoints, Listening Lists, an active online community of adult beginner players, and a vast catalog of Video Exchanges.


Now for $35.00 per month, students in the Beginner's Guide to Acoustic Guitar course will have access to David’s comprehensive collection of online acoustic guitar lessons, and they’ll also be able to participate in a monthly Video Exchangethe fundamental feature that makes the ArtistWorks learning platform so unique and valuable!


Consistent feedback on your playing will help reinforce positive habits, eliminate bad practices, and promote confidence. Through this new all-inclusive plan, adult beginner guitarists are able to receive routine, personalized evaluations on their progress and monthly encouragement directly from David. The Video Exchange platform offers the most efficient and effective method for learning how to play the acoustic guitar online, and improving as a musician.


Previously, Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar students had the option of purchasing a Video Exchange for $40, in addition to their $19.99 monthly membership. Now for $35.00 per month—a $59.99 monthly value—students are able to access all the course materials, engage with the online community, and receive the full benefits of the Video Exchange platform.


Rather than purchasing a Video Exchange for $40 à la carte alongside your $19.99 monthly membership, put your playing in the fast lane with our new all-inclusive Beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar plan.




Interested in learning more about our patented Video Exchange Learning® platform? Check out the video below!



David Butler is the Chairman and Cofounder of ArtistWorks, a lifelong acoustic guitarist, and the creator of Video Exchange Learning®. He grew up listening to and playing the guitar-centric music of the 60’s, surrounded by the many musical influences of his hometown Memphis, Tennessee. Especially drawn to the sound of the acoustic guitar, he strived to master and teach its many styles and techniques including flat pick and fingerstyle (“Travis”) picking.


In this online Beginner Acoustic Guitar course, David shares his lifetime of acoustic guitar knowledge. His goal is to provide comprehensive, step-by-step, deep instruction that fills in gaps that often cause first time players to get frustrated. Normally behind the camera at ArtistWorks, he now steps to the other side to teach all the adult beginners who wish to play and enjoy the acoustic guitar.


Interested in learning how to play the acoustic guitar? Experience our acoustic guitar lessons online for yourself and try out some free music lessons here. You’ll quickly see what makes ArtistWorks courses some of the best online music lessons around!




Affordable Plans

Each subscription is for a single school. Pricing and features can vary slightly per school.

1 Month membership
renews monthly
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$35/month (prepaid)
3 Month membership
renews every 3 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$30/month (prepaid)
12 Month membership
renews every 12 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$20/month (prepaid)