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Coming Soon: Online Piano Lessons with Hugh Sung

"I'm taking a very unique approach to teaching piano. Rather than spending a lot of time on exercises, theory, or technique - we start right off by learning some beautiful songs." - Hugh Sung

Coming soon to the ArtistWorks Music Campus: piano lessons from one of the world's most accomplished pianists, Hugh Sung. Trained as a classical pianist, Hung Sung studied at the Curtis Institute of Music where he was also on the faculty for 19 years. 

With a new series of online piano lessons at ArtistWorks, Hugh is now taking a very unique approach to teaching piano.

online piano lessons with Hugh Sung

The school is open to every single level, from absolute beginners who have never taken a music lesson in their life, to the hobbyist who just wants to play piano once in a while. It's also perfect for people with prior piano experience who want help with a particular concerto or sonata, or are looking to take their playing to the next level.

At the Online Popular Piano School, you have an open invitation to learn any of the pieces Hugh has arranged in his online piano lessons, or if there's something else that you want to play, just ask him. That's the great aspect of Video Exchange® Learning, Hugh will be able to see what you're working on from the videos you submit directly to him. He will guide you along the way to learning any piece you want to throw at him. He can teach you anything and everything. 

For anyone not familiar with how our online learning schools work, the Video Exchange® system we use is something very unique. Not only do you have access to all lessons recorded by the instructor, but you can also post your own videos directly through the website for your teacher to review. You can submit a question about a lesson/song, demonstrate a particular technique your instructor has assigned you, or just show them something you're working on to see what sort of advice they have for you.

You're not on your own with these online piano lessons. As you submit videos to Hugh, he will be able to see your progress and tell you what to focus on in order to improve. It's all the benefits of a live lesson, only better. You get to watch the videos anytime you want, as many times as you want - it's all the benefits of personal instruction combined with classroom instruction, the best of both worlds. 

It's not in real time, it's on your time. 

You're joining a piano community that wants to welcome you. The videos you submit to Hugh get shared with all the students in the Popular Piano School, so they will not only benefit from the questions you ask, they'll be there to encourage and help you as well. It's an absolutely brilliant way to teach - both the benefits of individual instruction with group interaction and group learning, so everyone is learning together all at once.

online piano lesson on Greensleeves from Hugh Sung

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