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Famous Musicians Who've Passed Down Sound

Famous Musical Families

Today, we're highlighting musical talents who #passdownsound in their families. Through generations, music can strengthen family bonds (while building careers), which is exactly what happened for these talents. Read on to see our picks!

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Miley Cyrus // Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus and Daughters

Miley Cyrus is well-known for her role on Disney Channel as the famed Hannah Montana, a girl living two worlds between being a rockstar and a normal kid. Now, she is working on her 7th album and has been sharing the stage with musical legends such as Elton John, and is currently engaged to heartthrob Liam Hemsworth. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a one-hit wonder with his song “Achy Breaky Heart” that was a gem of the ‘90s. Now, he is touring the States as a bluegrass artist and simultaneously being a father to his two daughters Miley and Noah Cyrus.

James McCartney // Paul McCartney

Paul and James McCartney

James McCartney is the son of musical legend Paul McCartney and is working his way to the same title as well. Having only released two albums, James has been critically acclaimed by the Rolling Stone, New York Times, and Daily News for his musical skill. Currently, James is working on his skill as an artist and musician and plans to release more music in the future. Meanwhile, his father, the infamous Paul McCartney, was the bassist and singer for the Beatles which was famous all over the world for their groundbreaking music. Now, you may have recognized Paul McCartney in the most recent film of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchises as “Uncle Jack”, the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow’s uncle.


Lisa Marie Presley // Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley and Daughter


Although her dad is the dazzling Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley has worked her own way to the spotlight in the music industry. Being the daughter of The King of Rock N’ Roll, it’s no surprise that she launched her own musical career back in 2003 which is still flourishing today in forms of collaborations with other musicians such as Marilyn Manson. Elvis, however, has since fallen from his throne after a fatal heart attack back in 1977, ending his career but not his legacy. The music of Elvis Presley lives on through many generations as American “classics” that anyone can easily name when his tunes come on.


Ziggy, Damian, Stephen, Julian, Ky-Mani Marley // Bob Marley


Bob Marley's Children


Everyone knows who Bob Marley is; he is the king of Reggae music, hailing from Jamaica and Bob Marley brought his home country's sound to the rest of the world. However, his legendary musical talent did not die with him as 5 of his sons have gone on to be successful musicians themselves. The most prominent musical achievement of his children would easily be the now-disbanded Ziggy Marley & the Music Makers, which consisted of Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Sharon Marley, and Cedella Marley. Since then, many of his kids have gone on to their own solo musical careers, paying homage to their father’s talents and influence on the world.


Jaden and Willow Smith // Will Smith


Will Smith and Family Musical


Influenced by his father, Jaden Smith transitioned from an acting career into one of music. Having released his second album back in December of 2017, Jaden’s musical ventures are slowly growing into a successful career. Meanwhile, his sister Willow got her musical start back in 2010, with the hit single “Whip My Hair” at only 9 years old. Now, she continues to release music and go on tour, growing her extensive fanbase one song at a time. Will Smith, the proud father of the famed Smith kids, was a successful musician back in the 1990s on his TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as both a rapper and actor. However, Will has since moved on from his musical career, focusing on his acting instead for the past decade. Yet, regardless of how they use it, the Smith family is overflowing with talent, and no one can deny that.


Sean Lennon // John Lennon



It’s hard to Imagine that someone else could possibly compare to John Lennon, but there is, and it’s his own son. Sean Lennon is the mirror-image of his father; from the looks, to the talent. Over the years, Sean has released several albums, and has appeared on many more alongside artists like Lana Del Rey. Now, Sean lives out his days in Britain, but is still a voice for activism both socially and politically. His father, the famed John Lennon, is known for his time with The Beatles and releasing many hits over the years. However, in 1980 John’s streak of light and love was abruptly ended when he was murdered in a tragic shooting. Yet, his music and his legacy have lived on through generations, continuing to be a voice for peace, even in the turmoil of today.


Rosanne Cash // Johnny Cash



Being the daughter of one of the best-selling music artists of all time, it is no surprise that Rosanne Cash is a successful musician and writer. Having received 4 Grammys and nominated for 11 more, Rosanne Cash has released 15 albums over the years; all even better than the last. Following in the footsteps of her father, Rosanne is known for her folk-style music, singing of the South and the beauty of America. Johnny Cash, on the other hand, has long passed on but his music still plays on the radio. Between his soulful covers and tear-jerking compositions, Johnny Cash plays the heartstrings of his listeners, evoking emotion in even the toughest of people. The emotion Johnny conveys in his music has been passed onto his daughter, and she milks her talent for what it’s worth.


Sean Trischka // Tony Trischka


Tony Trischka Banjo ArtistWorks


As a son of one of our very own ArtistWorks instructors, Sean Trischka is just as talented as his father Tony. Sean is an eclectic musician, switching from drums to guitar-- all while singing in the process. With Tony as his father, Sean grew up with “banjo as his soundtrack” and the influences are prevalent in his own songs that he’s released in adulthood. Meanwhile, Tony is currently working to release a new album, and is an active instructor in our School of Banjo.


Noah East // Nathan East


Nathan East and Son Noah


Currently on tour, Artistworks Electric Bass instructor Nathan East has been traveling the world to show off his amazing bass skills. However, the spotlight isn’t all on Nathan, as his son Noah is beginning to build a musical career himself-- already being featured on some of his father’s albums in recent years. Only time will tell of Noah will rise to, or even pass, his father in the spotlight.




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