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How to Audition for American Idol

It’s amazing how many people sign up for American Idol auditions without a plan.  No matter how good your voice may be, that’s a sure fire way to waste your time AND the judges’.  If you’ve watched the show, you know that it has gotten more and more competitive with each season.  

Without a plan, the odds of you knocking them dead at even the preliminary auditions are pretty small.  Luckily, there’s help.

Sought after vocal coach Jeannie Deva has put together a FREE eBook to help you get focused and understand how to prepare for what could be a life-changing audition.


Jeannie Deva has worked with Grammy Award winners, multi-platinum recording artists, as well as winners and contestants for The Voice, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and other competitions. She has been a judge for the Telemundo TV show "The Voice, Kids," was sought out by the television show "Idol Chat" to critique American Idol Finalists, and has been interviewed by People Magazine to review one of the winners of America’s Got Talent.  The point is this, she knows a thing or two about auditioning for singing competitions.

In this sixteen-page eBook, Jeannie gives advice about everything from vocal technique to judges’ expectations to song selection to practice routines, and more.

Did you know that the road to a great audition starts by watching TV?  Here's a two-part exercise to accomplish maximum learning from these videos.

PART 1: In any of the audition videos, notice what makes a "positive" versus "negative" impression on the judges and observe how each singer does the following:

*Interacts with the judges in the beginning and at the end of their audition

*Sings their audition song vocally

*Performs the song including expressions and gestures

*Uses dynamics in the song

*Begins the song

*Ends the song

*Also notice if what they wear matches their performance and style.

PART 2: In any of the final rounds you watch them observe:

*How they come out on stage and present themselves

*How they build the song (if they do)

*What they do to create emotional impact (if they do)

*How they use their range

*If you know the song, notice if they change anything to make it more their own

*How they connect with the audience (if they do)

*How they move on stage

*Their interaction with the judges before, during and after their performance

Once you've watched many different videos of auditions and final rounds of past (and current) seasons of these shows while applying the above exercise steps, your next step is to assess your current level of expertise - where you are in your own process of development. This will make it easier to plan out the appropriate steps for you to reach your audition goals.

Click here to download the FREE eBook from Jeannie Deva.  If you’d like to check out Jeannie’s Online Vocal School where you can work personally with Jeannie through Video Exchange™ Feedback, check out the free sample singing lessons here.


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