How To Draw with Justin BUA - COMING SOON!

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 10:47am
Written by AW
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It's getting closer to the time when we'll be ready to start teaching people how to draw online! Check out the new promo for the our upcoming Online Art School with Justin BUA. This is the first time ArtistWorks is doing something outside of the music genre and we're very excited to soon be offering art lessons online from such a great artist.  Justin BUA has been teaching people how to draw for a long time, he's got a great personality and knows exactly how to articulate his points across.  He was recently telling us about the importance of artists learning how to draw in order to establish solid foundation - check out more of what he said about that here

Justin BUA's online art lessons will teach people everything they could ever possibily want to know about art: from how to draw still-life, construction, anatomy, how to draw portraits, how to draw to caricatures, how to draw the figure, to painting, value, color, composition, how draw to perspective, and also the business of art. This is a really hands-on, personal experience, teacher to student, and really student to student! It's a great opporunty to just build and learn and grow, in every sense of the word.

"In the new BUA Art School, I'm able to give an amazing amount of time to each student.  So each student will submit a video or an image of their work, and I'll actually be able to go over it and tell them what I love about it, tell them what could be improved upon… They can submit it whenever they want, and I can look at it in the comfort of my own studio and really spend time going over it, really thinking about what's important.  It's a real personal and intense experience.  I really feel like it's a great way to interact… it's kinda amazing."  - Justin BUA

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how to draw with justin bua coming soon