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How To Draw with Justin BUA - What is Drawing?

how to drawJustin BUA has been recording art classes all week just a few feet from my office here at the ArtistWorks HQ.  This is a big deal, not just because I'm a big fan of his - but it's the first time ArtistWorks is moving beyond online music lessons and entering a new realm of online art lessons.  The idea is still the same - BUA recorded hundreds of art lessons during his week here, and once the school opens students will be able study the art lessons online and get feedback from BUA on their technique.

He's going to teach you how to draw, he's going to teach the whole world how to draw - I know because he told me so.  I had a chance to sit down with BUA and ask him just exactly what this all means.

ADA: What is it that people need to know if they're learning how to draw?

BUA: When you're building a building, you have to have a solid foundation.  You can't have a weak foundation.  So that's what learning how to draw is - it's having a solid foundation.  So if you want to paint, you have to know how to draw.  If you want to go off and do sculpture, you REALLY need to know how to draw.  Knowing how to draw is the single most important thing in art, and it has always been that way.  So Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, one of the greatest painters of all time, who was the student of Jacques-Louis David and the teacher of Edgar Degas, who we all know - the great impressionist, he said it took 9 years to learn how to draw, and 9 DAYS to learn how to paint… that's how important learning how to draw is.

how to draw - bua head

So my instructional is going to take students in a step by step way to show them how to draw.  And the reality is, it's fun and exciting, and everybody can do it.  Everybody can learn how to draw! 

ADA: How would you define drawing? Like when we say "how to draw" what are they learning how to do exactly?  What is encompassed under the word "drawing", when someone learns how to draw?

BUAWhen you want to learn how to draw, you're going to learn about light logic, which is just light, value, which is darks to light, even into color, hue, intensity, saturation, figure drawing, perspective, drapery, the model, still life, landscape, how to create out of your imagination… so it's endless! It's literally endless.


It was a lot of fun recording BUA, he's a great guy with a big personality and we're really excited to have him on board.  Here's an outtake from some of the art lessons. To find out more about about online art lessons with Justin BUA vist


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