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Jared James Nichols Releases New Self-Titled Album


This morning, blues rock powerhouse and ArtistWorks guitar instructor, Jared James Nichols released his brand new, highly anticipated self-titled album on Black Hill Records.


Following up on his 2021 EP release, Shadow Dancer, and his last full-length record, Black Magic, released in 2017, Jared showcases his guitar and songwriting prowess on a whole new level in this 2023 album.


In line with Jared’s signature sonic blend of vintage-inspired blues and modern hard rock, Jared James Nichols is packed with gut-punching guitar riffs and technically impeccable solos that are both soulful and nothing short of face-melting. In addition to Jared’s masterful guitar playing featured throughout the record, the new album is also full of anthemically catchy lyrics and vocal melodies that are sure to have you bobbing your head and singing along. 


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“The one aspect that really excites me about music is live performance. I live to be in the moment on stage, playing music and connecting with the listener,” Jared explains. “When it was time to make my latest record, that was the biggest goal for me. I wanted to BE the music, take the listener on a sonic journey, and ultimately put my stamp as an artist to record.”


Jared certainly achieved his goal in this latest record release. When listening to Jared James Nichols, it’s hard not to feel like you’re watching the band on stage. The recording is raw, gritty, and live in all the right ways, yet simultaneously polished to perfection. The energy of Jared James Nichols is nothing less than infectious.


Jared James Nichols Track List:


My Delusion

Easy Come, Easy Go

Down the Drain

Hard Wired

Bad Roots

Skin ‘n Bone

Long Way to Go

Shadow Dancer

Good Time Girl


Saint or Fool

Out of Time


I cannot wait to tour this album, what you hear on record is exactly what you’ll get in the flesh,” Jared expresses. “These songs were made to be played live and played loud!"


Jared James Nichols is now available and streaming across all popular platforms. For more information on the record, and to catch Jared live at a venue near you, head to Jared’s website here



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