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Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal Coming Soon

Good news: coming later this summer, ArtistWorks is adding another amazing musician to the already stellar lineup of jazz instructors: Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal. This GRAMMY award winner got his start playing with Al Hirt and later became an integral member of the legendary Chick Corea Elektric Band (along with fellow ArtistWorks instructor John Patitucci).  As you can see in the video, Eric has also been teaching a long time and is very excited for the opportunity to reach sax players around the world through the power of Video Exchange®.   

"It’s a constant, living, breathing, growing organism. It’s not that we just present our original material - you’re never done. That’s the great thing about learning, we’re never done learning and we’re never done teaching. So my school is going to continue to be updated, but it’s also great because not only are my students going to be learning from me - they’re going to be learning from each other, because we have these Video Exchanges going back and forth. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited about this school, because not only is it going to continue to grow, but I know that I’m going to learn right along with everybody else." - Eric Marienthal

The Jazz Saxophone School is designed for all levels of players, so no matter how long you've been playing sax you'll have everything you need. The Jazz Saxophone lessons are organized by 3 sections: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

“If you’re in the Basic section I approached it like you’ve never put the horn in your mouth ever and this is your very first introduction to the horn, so all the tools you need to get up and running are there." - Eric Marienthal 

In the Intermediate section there are all kinds of scales, exercises, harmonic exercises, and as in all sections Eric plays through everything he teaches so students can also play along during the lessons. 

In the Advanced section there are all kinds of songs that students can play along to. Plus many lessons on harmonic concepts, melodic concepts, articulation concepts, tone concepts, improvising concepts, technique concepts - you name it. 

“That’s the great thing about this, this school does continue to grow and as it grows you have more and more and more things to choose from. The technology is at the point where we can do all kinds of different things and we’re limited by virtually nothing when it comes to being able to communicate to each other. The concept here at ArtistWorks is about shared learning, about Video Exchanges, and about creating a curriculum that can take you from wherever you are to where you want to go." - Eric Marienthal

Along with the lesson videos themselves, other tools on the site include:

  • PDF Attachments for the lessons
  • MP3 backing tracks to practice with
  • Looping capabilities
  • Slow Motion Isolation
  • Community forums

Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal - coming soon to ArtistWorks

Learn more about Jazz Saxophone with Eric Marienthal at Be sure to fill out the form to get discounts and notified about the launch!  




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