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Just July!

Whew! Just July has been an incredible adventure of fiddling, teaching and performing all over the place; with a Fiddle Academy Week in Grand Targhee and a full-on Solar Eclipse in August, I don't know if I can stand the thrills. But today I was able to get back into the AW studio responding to some very interesting videos from my beloved students here... so challenging and fun!

Where to begin? Well, how about July 5, with my fellow AW Perfesser Mike Block's Incredible String Camp held in Florida (if you only do one camp all year, it should be this!)

From there on to Oregon and the amazing Northwest String Summit, playing with Yonder Mountain and the amazing fiddle Allie Kral,

also sitting in on a chuck Berry tribute with some scary-good guitarists such as Arthue Lee Land and Tyler Grant, a whole set with fellow AW Guityar perfesser Scott Law, and sets with dobro master Sally Van Meter and songwriter Benny Galloway.

and the unbelievable Rushad Eggleston, which continued as a mini-tour of the Pacific Northwest with Rushad, ending up at the Guild Of American Luthier's big convention in Washington this year.

I got to satisfy some of my instument-making joneses there, and learn more about improvising with Rushad, a true Mad Genius…. and get up on some furniture. Maybe I should do a lesson on that… or how not to!

We also encountered some really great youngsters who are tearing it up on their respective instruments: The Reds!

After a beautiful day at a family wedding in Lake Tahoe, I headed back to the Ossippee Valley String Camp in rural Maine, and taught with Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux, with guests Paul Kowert, Carolyn Kendrick, Isa Burke, Joe Walsh, and the wonderful guitarist Avril Smith. We had a great mid-week performance in an old renovated theatre in Kezar, Maine.

My wonderful Band that I coached and worked with at Ossippee:

Then zooming down to the celebrated Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island for a couple of incredible sets with the Berklee Instant Strings, a group I founded to provide much-needed strings to Pop Stars With Acoustic Guitars...

the Instant Strings included such youthful geniuses as Wan-Ching Chou, super-fiddle-talent Carolyn Kendrick(again!), my Musical Partner and Golden-Voiced Emy Phelps, and the exciting young Colorado fiddler Joanna Hyde. Catch the Berklee Instant Strings with Singer-songwriting genius Aoife O'Donovan in this wonderful video, of a song of hers that I arranged. OK! back to work!





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