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More Videos "From The Vault"

artistworks vault

We're opening up the vault again! Typically only available to members of these schools, this is a monthly taste of what we offer, above and beyond our Video Exchange® platform. Be sure to check out +Music area of your ArtistWorks school for more exclusive performances and interviews.  

Guthrie Trapp - "Folsom Prison Blues"

Channeling his inner Johnny Cash, Guthrie demonstrates how to solo over this classic chord progression. In the Analysis part of the lesson he breaks down these licks and shows you some other ideas to enhance your solo. This is just the performance part of Guthrie’s lesson on "Advanced Soloing Over Songs". To really learn this tune, check out Guthrie’s 7 part series on “Folsom Prison Blues” in the Beginner Section of the curriculum.

George Whitty - "Some Day My Prince Will Come"

A few months ago we did a Jazz Piano Google Hangout with George Whitty. While George was warming up his fingers before going live, he played through one of his personal favorites, “One Day My Prince Will Come”. He also teaches this song in Level 3 of his curriculum; it’s a classic Disney song from Cinderella that has since become a jazz standard. We’ve isolated this rare, impromptu performance in this video - enjoy! 

Andreas Oberg - "Coquette"

Here we have a classic ArtistWorks session, recorded back when we first launched many moons ago (note the old logos). Andreas Oberg trades off comping and soloing with the great Gonzalo Bergara. This is from a series of songs they recorded together. Here they play a version of Django Reinhardt’s “Coquette” - a great gypsy jazz jam. If you’re interested in learning this style, Andreas has a great section on Gypsy Guitar in his curriculum at ArtistWorks.  

Caterina Lichtenberg - "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude"

Even if you’re not a classical music scholar, you’ll probably recognize this famous melody as it’s been featured in many movies and TV commercials over the years. It’s traditionally known as a cello piece, although it sounds just as beautiful on mandolin as evidenced here. Caterina teaches this version in depth in the Classical Mandolin curriculum, and this video is the performance version. 

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