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New Singing Lessons & Vocal Processor Give-Away

voicelive 2 vocal processor giveaway

The new singing lessons from Jeannie Deva are now available! We've added 45 newly recorded vocal lessons that expand on Jeannie's proven vocal method and have also added new sections like Singing Harmony and more vocal exercises. Not a member? Be sure to fill out the form below to check out some all new sample singing lessons from the Online Vocal School with Jeannie Deva. 

Watch Jeannie's Free Vocal Lessons

To celebrate the release of the new singing lessons, we have teamed up with VoiceCouncil Magazine to give away a TC•Helicon VoiceLive 2 Vocal Processor. This is a remarkable vocal tool that enables you to add harmonies, reverbs, delays, EQs, compression – everything you need to perfect a stunning vocal performance. It retails at $945, so be sure to enter here for your chance to win! Hurry though, this contest ends April 9th.

New singing lessons:

Harmony & Group Singing

  • Singing Harmony 101
  • Vocal Exercise: Tuning Your Ear to Harmony
  • What is Vocal Blend?
  • Vocal Exercise: Singing Harmony & Blend
  • Getting Started with Harmony in a Song
  • Singing Harmony: Finding Your Note, Holing Your Own
  • Singing Harmony: Pronunciation & Rhythm
  • Singing Harmony: Matching Dynamics
  • Singing Harmony: Coordinating Breathing
  • Introduction to 2 Part Harmony
  • Singing Parallel Harmony
  • Singing Oblique Harmony
  • Singing Counter Harmony

New Section: Quick Fix Vocal Exercises

  • Introduction to Quick Fix Vocal Exercises
  • Vocal Exercise 1: Reducing Vocal Strain
  • Vocal Exercise 2: Improving Vocal Range & Flexibility - Lip Trills
  • Vocal Exercise 3: Developing Vocal Range & Resonance - Nose Buzz
  • Vocal Exercise 4: Enhancing Vocal Range & Tone - Oow
  • Vocal Exercise 5: Connecting Vocal Range & Tone - Hmm
  • Quick Fix Vocal Exercises - Submit a Song

Miscellaneous New Vocal Lessons

  • Using Songs as Warm Ups
  • Listening vs. Hearing - Improving Vocal Tone
  • Improving Breath Management
  • Vocal Exercise: The Singing Breath
  • Songs as Warm-Ups & Vocal Exercises
  • Lip Trills: Limbering Your Voice a Song
  • Vocal Resonance & Ease: Applying Nose Buzz to a Song
  • Song Phrasing & Timing
  • Song Phrasing & Dynamics
  • Vocal Exercise 3: Crescendo & Decrescendo
  • Singing the Blues
  • Got Stage Fright
  • Practice Routine 1-10  (10 separate routines with PDF instructions)


vocal lessons with jeannie deva



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