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New Vocal Lessons + Curriculum Reorganization

We're excited to bring you Jeannie's new vocal lessons! We've also given the existing curriculum a big overhaul to help make site navigation more intuitive.  The previously existing lessons are still all available but have been slightly recategorized for simplicity.  We also added a ton of new material and added brand new sections of lessons including "Quick Fix Exercises" and "Harmony & Group Singing."

The first change you'll notice is the drop down LESSONS menu, it now only has two (2) options: VOCAL LESSONS and THEORY WORKSHOP.  You can access the entire curriculum through the VOCAL LESSONS option (click on THEORY WORKSHOP to access the ArtistWorks Music Theory Lessons). 

vocal school 1

When you select VOCAL LESSONS, you are taken to the main lesson sections, several which contain sub-groups:

1. Getting Started

2. Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

3. Quick Fix Exercises

4. Singing Songs Better

5. Keeping Your Voice Healthy

6. The Secrets to Natural Breath Control

7. Singing Secrets

8. Freeing Your Voice

Exercises: Vocal Ease & Flexibility

Exercises: Vocal Toning

9. Expanding Your Range

Exercises: Eliminating Register Break

Exercises: Improving Range & Precision

Exercises: Vocal Limbering MP3 Routine

10. Building Your Voice

Exercises: Developing Tone & Resonance

Exercises: Increasing Strength & Stamina

Phasing Out the Rib Cage Exercises

11. Working With Style

Exercises: Vibrato & Straight Tone

Exercises: Sustain, Crescendo & Decrescendo

Exercises: Power & Belt

12. Singing Embellishments

Exercises: Standard Embellishments

Exercises: Multi-Styled Embellishments with Band Accompaniment

13. Song Performance & Development

14. Auditions

15. Working with Your Mic and Sound Equipment

16. Harmony & Group Singing

Another new feature is how you access the sub-groups of core sections.  The old setup required clicking through multiple screens to access the lessons in the sub groups.  The new way has all lessons for a section and all of it's sub groups displayed on a single page, so you never have to leave the page to see the list of all the lessons available in a section.

Here's an example from the section "EXPANDING YOUR RANGE":

1.) When you first open the page you'll see lessons and sub-groups (Departments) below.

vocal school 2

2.) To access the content in the subgroup departments, just click on the one you want and it will expand to display the lessons it contains. 

vocal school 3

3.) When you choose another sub-group department, the previous list collapses as the new selection is displayed.

vocal school 4

We hope you enjoy all the new lessons! For any questions please contact us through the Customer Service link




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