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Online Learning Spotlight: Arnold, Flute Student

online learning profile on flute student

Coming off the tails of our first ever ArtistWorks Classical Campus Competition, we wanted to reach out to the winners to learn more about their online learning experience. First up we have Arnold, who's been taking flute lessons online with Jeffrey Khaner and just won $1000 for his outstanding video submission. Arnold is a student at The University of Texas at Austin and originally from Dallas.  

AWHow long have you been playing flute?

Arnold: I have been playing the flute for 7 years. I began in 7th grade because my friend played it and I thought it would be cool. Honestly, I never thought I was going to enjoy it as much as I have.

AW: Who are your favorite flute players?

Arnold: There are a ton of amazing flute players but some that come to mind are Emmanuel Pahud, Marina Piccinini, and James Galway.

AWWhat do you love most about your instrument?

Arnold: My favorite aspects about playing flute are its similarities to the singing voice and the speed at which the flute can be played with good technique. There’s nothing I love more in an orchestra than hearing crazy flute runs soar across a hall.

AWHow did you find out about online flute lessons with Jeffrey Khaner?

Arnold: I don’t exactly remember how I found out about the website, but I do know that it was from a google search. I’m always online so I can’t exactly recall the exact google search.

AW: Would you recommend ArtistWorks to a friend?

ArnoldI would definitely recommend ArtistWorks to a friend because even though I have taken years of private lessons, there were some things that I was unaware of that made a lot of sense once you were finally exposed to them, which makes you wonder why you never thought about them.

AW: What features on the site do you use the most?

ArnoldThe features I used the most on the site were Jeffrey Khaner’s videos in which he played the repertoire while meticulously explaining all the different parts in the pieces.

AW: How much did you practice before recording your contest submission?

Arnold: Honestly, I had a very hectic schedule preparing for this competition due to it being around the time of college finals. However, I practiced every chance that I could get. I would estimate about an hour a day for 3 weeks. I found out about this scholarship literally the day before the application deadline.

AW: How will your contest winnings be spent?

ArnoldThis money could not have come during a better time. I have decided to use some of the money to buy music gear because I produce and write music. What genre? Everything from classical to R&B to pop!

AW: Do you play any other instruments?

ArnoldI don’t play any other instrument nearly as well as the flute, but I do play simple piano melodies and chords that I come up with when producing my music.

AW: What kind of music do you listen to?

ArnoldI literally listen to ALL kinds of music because I feel every genre has its cool and unique elements. But to answer the question more straightforward, I mostly listen to R&B, pop, reggae, classical, alternative, hip hop, and other more obscure genres. 

AW: What are your goals for playing music, do you want to record your own?

ArnoldMy life long dream and hope is to become a successful producer and songwriter; it’s something I have done for years now. As for the next question, of course I would like to have my music recorded someday! 

AW: How did you get into beatbox flute?

ArnoldAbout two years ago there was a huge hype over beatbox flute. I had previously tried out beatboxing before this but never took it beyond a few percussive elements. Then, after pieces were being written for beatbox flute, I realized that I too could incorporate my music production with flute. That is how I was able to achieve a melody with a beat in one instrument. Luckily, beatboxing into the flute came naturally to me. I never realized how difficult it was for some people.

Basically, beatboxing into the flute requires very quick movements with your embouchure. Also, airstream and direction is very important if you want to achieve a percussive sound and note at the same time. And lastly, breath control is extremely important; if you don’t control it properly, it will be gone by the first bass drop. Of course, practice is what will ultimately allow you to do this.

AW: How would you compare beatboxing on flute to classical flute playing? 

Arnold: Both styles require proper airstream and direction. Although I enjoy beatbox flute, I prefer classical flute playing because it’s easier for me to evoke more emotions. Also, sometimes you just prefer a pretty tone over a hard aggressive one.

AW: What do you think are the benefits to learning music? 

ArnoldThere are a multitude of benefits to learning music. Over the years I have found out that I have a good photographic memory which has helped me with academics. I read something and it’s easier to remember. There is discipline to learning music. You can’t expect to perfect an art so soon, so by having patience and a drive, you are prepared to tackle any other task in your life.

AW: What do you think is the biggest obstacle most people have to playing an instrument?

Arnold: If you don’t have patience, then you won’t be able to achieve your goal. That is what I feel is the hardest part to learning an instrument; people too often get discouraged.


flute lessons with jeffrrey khaner



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