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Online Music Lessons Benefits Parents

When I was young, they promised that the efficiency of computers was going to reduce our workloads and our work hours.

However, thanks to the fact that computers function 24/7 without the need for rest or sustenance, we humans have increasingly been expected to function similarly. It is time to take that computer characteristic and work it to our advantage for once! For busy parents in today’s fast-paced world, online music instruction for our children may be just the ticket.


Here are five ways that online music instruction serves parents:




Online lessons may be accessed whenever your child is available. No more needing to worry about taking time for a music lesson when there is a report deadline, lab write-up or excessive homework. Does your child learn best in the morning? Watch lessons on the weekends. Is your teen a night owl? No time is too late to pull up a lesson.


No taxi mom/dad required.


As we parents try to provide our children with all the opportunities possible, we increasingly find ourselves mostly in the role of a taxi driver racing from one extra-curricular activity to another. Pursuing a musical education online provides a reprieve from that rat race.


Caters to your child’s natural desire to be “plugged in.”


Today’s children and teenagers seem to be wired to be online. Material presented via computers seems to naturally take on a more “relevant” nature to them. In addition, once your child is of social media age, the chat and forum features of online learning become a key component of the experience, creating a true sense of virtual connection.


Adapts to multiple learning styles and preferences.


An online experience can be modified in a number of ways. Audio and video may be adjusted and customized to individual needs. Often transcriptions are available for the lessons. Videos may be repeatedly watched till material is absorbed. Your child is not forced into performance situations before he/she feels comfortable. You select the music school that offers the genre of music that will best motivate your child.


Allows parental supervision.


Unlike many of our children’s learning experiences, here is an environment that we may fully supervise. We are able to view any lesson along with our child to ensure maximum retention. We never need to face the most aggravating aspect of tutoring our child- “that’s not how my teacher explained it”- without the capability of hearing the teacher for ourselves.

As the world seems to get more and more complicated, and our children spend more and more of their time outside the home, online music instruction is one way we can simplify our lives and the lives of our children. With the wide range of instrument choices and musical genres available, online music lessons is definitely worth a look. It just may be what you have been looking for!



Affordable Plans

Each subscription is for a single school. Pricing and features can vary slightly per school.

1 Month membership
renews monthly
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$35/month (prepaid)
3 Month membership
renews every 3 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$30/month (prepaid)
12 Month membership
renews every 12 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$20/month (prepaid)