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Online Vocal Lessons Now Available

online vocal lessons

We are proud to announce that ArtistWorks is now offering online vocal lessons from master vocal coach Jeannie Deva!

Did you ever consider that your voice is your one truly personal expressive instrument? In song, you summon your creativity, your heart, your lungs – your entire body to work in perfect unison to rise above the music and express your joy.

Sounds like something important that you need to train for, right? Of course! Yet so many people think you are either born a singer or you’re not. 


Everyone has the potental to sing loud, strong and with enviable range and pitch.

So take your singing to a higher level with completely new way to improve your voice online. 

It's a revolutionary new kind of online vocal training using Video Exchange™ that enables celebrity vocal coach Jeannie Deva to see what you're doing and give you personalized video feedback guaranteed to make you a better singer, fast.

Here’s how the online vocal lessons work:

  • You Jeannie's unlimited access to her complete vocal method on streaming video. That’s hundreds of HD video lessons and exercises for beginners to pros.
  • You work through online videos at your convenience. You don’t have to be anywhere at any set time. Work at your own pace.
  • If you ever get stuck, have a question or just want feedback, use the ArtistWorks Video Exchange™ Accelerated Learning Platform to submit a practice video to me.

  • She'll watch your video, make some notes and respond with her own video which identify your strengths and weaknesses and gives you additional exercises to get better faster!

Jeannie's clients include multi-platinum recording artists, Grammy winners, actors and leads in Broadway musicals. Now you can get the same kind of results they do.

Imagine getting personalized instruction, online from a sought after celebrity vocal coach! The best news is that you can get access to this level of instruction for less than it would cost for a single lesson.

Does it work? Jeannie Deva has already transformed thousands of voices and you know how effective the ArtistWorks way to learn can be!

So check out the free sample vocal lessons we’ve made available here. Then check out an actual video exchange and see how amazingly personal and effective this is. Then get more information and sign up for unlimited access for just $90 for three months. That’s less than a dollar a day and your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

vocal lessons



Affordable Plans

Each subscription is for a single school. Pricing and features can vary slightly per school.

1 Month membership
renews monthly
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$35/month (prepaid)
3 Month membership
renews every 3 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$30/month (prepaid)
12 Month membership
renews every 12 months
Unlimited Access to Lessons
Unlimited Video Exchanges
Exclusive Content
$20/month (prepaid)