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Paul Gilbert Jams with Students

This came out really great, it's the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of Forum Jams® that feature our artists jamming with their students. The concept for this was started a long time ago - the challenge was to figure out the best way to have students remotely jam with each other as well as their teacher.

We wanted it to be captured on video so we could see everyone play as well as hear them - plus we wanted to have it recorded with good audio so we could present it in the highest fidelity possible. It was a bit of an experiment to see if the process would work, and it did! Here's how it went down:

paul gilbert forum jam

As the teacher and fearless leader of the Online Rock Guitar School, Paul Gilbert got the ball rolling by recording a special backing track exclusive for this project. He chose a common chord progression that would work well for trading solos over (should sound familar to any fans of the British Invasion). Once he had the rhythm track, which also included some drums added by Paul, he uploaded it for his students to download themselves and practice soloing over. 

The challenge then became to have the students record their parts as an isolated guitar track - without the backing track in the recording. Having just the raw guitar parts enabled us to edit them together over a clean version of the backing track. We decided that the best way was to have the students listening to the backing track in headphones but only record the sound coming out of their guitar amp. They had 8 bars each to give it their best shot.  It was a technical challege for some, but essential to get right in order to synch up the student videos with the backing track. 

We had students from all over the world ending up submitting videos for this, so many in fact that we unfortunately could not use them all. The final Forum Jam includes 15 submissions from students in 8 different countries.

THEN, we turned it back over to Paul to record his solos. Paul studied each of the student submissions closely before he went to record  his parts - he wanted this to reflect how it would sound if they were all jamming together at the same time. So as you watch this, pay attention to how Paul responds to each student musically - there's a lot of subtlies contained in the playing here which is what makes it even so fun to watch. It's like watching Paul have a guitar conversation with each of these guys, adding his own spin on their own individual style. 

Here's a rundown of the time where each student appears:

  • Krisfur (Poland) - 0.35
  • riellymorton (USA) - 1.08
  • Plapy (France) - 1.36
  • Leonard132 (Germany) - 2.07
  • Leonel Damas (Peru) - 2.38
  • Nicolasnsk (Argentina) - 3.09
  • Paris (USA) - 4.10
  • Kdog (USA) - 4.42
  • nada_noor88 (Indonesia) - 5.13
  • Drewseph (USA) - 5.44
  • Clownschool (USA) - 6.14
  • ClarkeRobinson (England) - 6.46
  • BeeAge (Germany) - 7.16
  • givemwhat4 (USA) - 7.48

artistworks forum jams logo

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