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Pedalboard for the Mr. Big Tour

paul gilbert pedalboard mr big

After a few days of rehearsing and tweaking, I've got my pedalboard sorted out for the Mr. Big tour. Here is the signal path:


Sennheiser Wireless 

Keeley Looper #1 (used as A/B box) A-side goes to an MXR Bass Compressor and a TC Electronics Mini Corona Chorus. These go directly to the P.A. system for my clean and/or acoustic sound. The B-side goes to...

Keeley Looper #2 (used as an effects loop switcher.) In the loop is a Cry Baby Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah Wah and an MXR Phase 90. I love having these two pedals in the effects loop, because there is an LED that tells me if the wah wah is on, and I can have the pedals come on simultaneously with just one footswitch. Another bonus is that when my foot presses the Keeley Looper, it actually puts my leg in a good position to shift to the wah wah and keep my balance. In the past, I always felt clumsy when using a wah wah, but this trick really works. And then...

MXR Distortion Plus (for a "tight" trebly distortion)

TC Electronic MojoMojo (for a subtle, natural distortion with a bass boost)

Empress Effects ParaEQ (to notch out any harsh frequencies, and add some additional low end and boost, if I need it.)

Lehle P-Split (This has a button to lift the ground, in case of hum. And a button to reverse the phase, if one of the amps is out of phase.) There are two outputs. The first goes directly to Marshall amp #1 for the "dry" sound. The second output goes to...

TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger. I use the "Pitch Modulation" mode. This is a "wet" sound that is 100% effect, and goes to Marshall amp #2. When this pitch-shifted sound is combined with the dry Marshall, it creates a subtle chorus effect. But with much more clarity, because the two separate amps allow the sounds to coexist without fighting either other. I leave this effect on all the time. 

Everything is powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus, except the TC Electronic SCF (which has a built-in power supply,) the Sennheiser Wireless (which seems to work better with it's own power supply), and the Empress Effects ParaEQ which sounds better when it's running on 18v. (In theory, I could use a special cable to get 18v from the Pedal Power, but I'm starting to run out of jacks, so it's just easier to use a separate power supply.)

Lots of Velcro, a light-weight piece of plywood, black spraypaint, and rubber feet were there at the birth of this pedalboard.

Most importantly, the tone is fantastic.

Hopefully it will fit in the case!

Thank you,




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