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Profiles in Online Learning: Tyler, Clarinet Student

online learning clarinet student tylerWe’re pleased to bring you another profile in online learning, this time from one of Ricardo Morales’ clarinet students. Tyler grew up in Green Bay, WI and is currently finishing up a master's degree in clarinet performance at the University of New Mexico.  

AW: What instruments do you play?

Tyler: I started out taking piano lessons from my grandma and then took up the clarinet in 5th grade. During my undergrad, I studied both clarinet and piano before finally choosing clarinet in grad school.

AW:  How long have you been playing clarinet?

Tyler: I play music because it is one of the most fun things in the world for me. Between piano and clarinet, there are so many varied types of repertoire. I’ve played everything from solo piano literature to clarinet in an opera pit. Every situation is mostly unique and challenging in its own way.

AW: Have you hit any roadblocks or obstacles to your progress in your clarinet studies? 

Tyler: One of the major roadblocks for me was the lack of information about clarinet excerpts. There are tons of books with the music but only one or two books with descriptions of how to play it. I’m always seeking new ideas and context for playing various excerpts. This school helped me find that.

AW:  Were you aware of Ricardo Morales before you started taking his lessons?

Tyler: Yes, I had listened to his CD “French Portraits” many times as a young clarinetist. It was one of the only clarinet CDs I had.

AW:  What inspired you to seek out clarinet lessons online?

Tyler: I was emailed through the International Clarinet Association about your online clarinet lessons. They interested me greatly because I’m a huge fan of Morales’ playing.

AW:  What has been your prior experience taking clarinet lessons?

Tyler: I’ve taken many lessons with many different professors and principal clarinetists of orchestras. They have all helped me develop in different ways. These were particularly useful because I had to actually record something every week that was good enough to send to the Principal Clarinetist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. That’s challenging. You learn a lot just by listening back to those recordings.

AW:  What's your favorite part of learning online with Ricardo?

Tyler: The best part was the personalized nature of his response videos. He always had a smile on and seemed happy to have heard my recording.

online learning clarinet lessons with ricardo morales

AW:  How do you feel about this type of online learning, is it effective for clarinet?

Tyler: This type of learning environment is very different than being in person. You usually get one or two idea seeds. Then you have to take those seeds and go grow them by yourself. Usually in person, the teacher helps you plant and start germinating them. As a self-starter, this type of learning is very effective for me.

AW:  What do you see as the biggest difference between learning with Video Exchange at ArtistWorks vs learning on your own, other ways online or with a private teacher?

Tyler: The pre-recorded lessons are probably the biggest difference to me. I could, and did, listen to every lecture multiple times. In private lessons, sometimes the teacher forgets or doesn’t say something because they think you already know it.  They also might be having an off day and not give the best advice. These online lessons always contained very relevant and useful information.

AW:  Have you submitted any videos to Ricardo for Video Exchange?

Tyler: Yes, the responses have made me a much better clarinet player.

online learning clarinet with ricardo morales

AW:  Do you feel you’ve improved since taking online clarinet lessons with ArtistWorks? I

Tyler: Yes, most certainly. My orchestral excerpt playing has improved dramatically. I recently made finals for the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra audition and played under Lorin Maazel at his Castleton Festival. None of this would have happened without ArtistWorks.

AW:  What would you say to someone who's interested in progressing on clarinet but not sure where to begin?

Tyler: The beginning lessons that Ricardo lays out are better than the private teaching I got in Middle and High school growing up. I had to spend a lot of time unlearning bad habits. Ricardo Morales doesn’t let you play with bad habits.

AW:  Would your recommend ArtistWorks to others?

Tyler: Yes, I actually already have.

AW:  Who are some of your favorite clarinet players?

Tyler: Karl Leister, Steven Williamson, Mark Nuccio, Yehuda Gilad.

AW:  What are some of your favorite clarinet pieces, or songs that feature clarinet?

Tyler: My ultimate favorite is the Brahms Clarinet Trio.

AW:  What kind of music do you listen to when you're not studying clarinet?

Tyler: Indie Pop.

AW: Why drives you to keep playing clarinet?

Tyler: I’m mostly playing clarinet for myself these days as I run a successful SEO company for a living.  My goal is to start a small chamber music concert series in the next 5-6 years. On it, I will certainly play clarinet.

AW:  What do you feel are the personal benefits to learning music?

Tyler: I’ve developed a deeper understanding of myself through music.  I now know how to motivate myself, how to teach myself, and feel better in control of my life. Music is a great tool to learn how to learn.

AW:  Anything else you'd like to add or say to anyone out there reading this?

Tyler: Ricardo Morales is a great teacher and is incredibly positive in his responses to all inquires.  I can’t recommend him, or any ArtistWorks online learning school, enough!


Ricardo Morales' Sample Clarinet Lessons

clarinet lessons online with ricardo morales

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Find out more about online clarinet lessons with Clarinet Morales at and check out the free sample lessons by filling out the form!



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