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QSU Updates: Joe Cooley Champion, DJ Spiderman & DJ IQ, New Lessons, Next Battle

joe cooley battle winner

Greetings out there, we have some things to announce. First up is the Winner of the Joe Cooley Battle. Q really liked a lot of the entries including Hypnotize (who's entry even included a shout out from Mr Cooley himself), cdrsilva, JB Wizardry, POTB, but the winner he has chosen is… Tecumseh! It's the little details that ultimately made him rise to the top, such as executing a clean and focused flow that stays on the target skratch without deviating - that's something to keep in mind for these future battles.
So congrats to Tecumseh, you get the Joe Cooley Battle Winner Badge on your profile and your video will forever live in the curriculum as a fine example of the Joe Cooley Skratch in action. Plus you got a secret prize coming your way!
***The Deadline to Submit for The Next Battle is May 26th***

More about the Next Battle in a minute, but first…

dj spiderman dmc dallas

Want to send our congratulations out to DJ Spiderman (QSU Beat Juggle winner) for recently winning the DMC Regional in Dallas, TXIt's worth noting that he only recently started battling again after taking a hiatus, and you can see in his acceptance speech he's a real humble guy who's in it for all the right reasons. He'll be repping at the US Finals later this summer and we wish him all the best.

dj iq beat 4 battleAlso our 2012 QSU Valedictorian DJ IQ has been on a rampage lately - after winning the IDA World Scratch Battle for 2013, he went on to place 2nd at the DMC's first ever strictly skratch competition at the SF DMC Regionals on April 26, and to top it off he just won the Beat 4 Battle Finals in Paris last weekend! What's next, only time will tell... So proud of all these guys continuing to progress to new heights, it's motivation for us all to always keep striving.

  Next Battle: The Freddy Skratch

Before we talk about The Freddy Skratch Battle though, we have some new lessons up in here! In Level 4 we have a new advanced skratch called the "Prizm Crab" - so be sure to check that out in:

skratch lesson crab prizm

Lessons ----> Level 4 ---> Prizm Crab

We also have a new lesson on on "The Freddy Skratch" - which is the next battle topic, so be sure to study how it's done:

Lessons ----> Level 2 ---> Freddy Skratch

Q also breaks down the "The Freddy" in the new Welcome video and has his friend Chris (aka DJ Crisis) demonstrate it as well. Chris first came up with this one and he named it after Hip Hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy.

skratch lesson freddy

The Freddy Skratch is a 5 note combo that becomes easier once you go through it slowly, so take some time to practice it before recording your battle entry on it!

The Deadline to Submit for The Freddy Battle is May 26th! Just make 1 Minute Video and submit to the Battle Category, that's it!




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