Recording, Recording and MORE Recording!

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 12:17pm
Written by J_Graves

Hello AW Teachers,

Its been a wild month here at ArtistWorks. I hope you are doing well and have found some time to watch my latest Welcome Message above. It will blow you away! Kind of.

The lights and cameras have been on non-stop in our studio lately, recording all sorts of incredible material. Last month we filmed an outstanding Multi-Genre Cello curriculum with Mike Block. He is an amazing talent and was really fun to get to know. His site will be launching soon and you will all have a chance to get to know him. Then a few weeks ago we had Eric Marienthal in for 6 days. He recorded a beautifully crafted Jazz Saxophone curriculum. That one is going to be a lot of fun to put together. Him and Chuck Loeb, our Jazz Guitar teacher, are in the studio today (pictured above) recording some duet performance material. They are both in town for the Napa Valley Jazz Festival and they will soon be releasing a duet CD (which Ive heard bits and pieces of - REALLY good), so we figured we should get them in for a couple days and let them go nuts.

In the background of that picture above, you will notice a beautiful Yamaha MPC2 piano. We’ve rented that for our Jazz Piano shoot we have next week with the incredibly talented George Whitty. That is going to be a BLAST. Look for more updates on all that soon!

Ill be coming at you all with a new video and blog before you know it. Don’t fall behind!!!

All the best from the AW staff.