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Red Bull Thre3style Finals in Baku

red bull threstyle finals logo

At last, we're ready to share DJ Grotask's experience at the Red Bull Thre3style World Championship which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan back in September. This was many months in the making - Grotask had contacted me about covering this event over a year ago when he first found out that Thre3style finals were driving distance from where he lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since Qbert was on the judging panel, I got Grotask and his film crew media passes to the event to interview to whoever they could which included the winner Eskei83, Krafty Kuts, Skratch Bastid & Z-Trip, Qbert, Shortkut, D-Styles and more.

The Crew: 

  • Unis krilov (aka Ne100): Director/Camera man
  • Gocha Khukhuni (aka DJ Grotask): Reporter
  • Levan Khurtsilava (aka DJ Juno Q Beat): Reporter/Camera man
  • MC Samory - Dope MC from Georgia !!!

dj grotask with his crew at the red bull finals in baku

These guys were witnessing a week long extravaganza which gathered together some of the best DJs on the planet. They got a lot of great footage and interviews which you can see in the two videos they recently published on their YouTube channel. Here's what Grotask had to say about the experience:

"Well first of all I want to shout out Red Bull for giving us the opportunity to attend such an event! 

Meeting and interviewing guys like Qbert, Shortkut, Z-trip, Skratch Bastid, and other legends of the game is really an honor, all of them are very down to earth people with strong beliefs of their ideas - which influenced me to keep going big time!

Basically from the age of 10 I've been into Hip Hop and rap music. I grew up in a time of civil war with no internet or any source to find music or information about Hip Hop, so this culture is still new and unexplored for most of the people out here. My crew from Tbilisi have a very strong connection with Azerian guys who feel the same way. All the B-Boys, DJs and graffiti artists, we were very exited to hear that the Red Bull Thre3style World Final was gonna be held in Baku, so from the very beginning I was obsessed with idea of watching and filming the event, to show it in my country and share it with the rest of the world.

I think it's very important to have a strong community of artists so you can practice and share ideas, this is another problem in our regions - but we are working on it. I have to admit that just one skratch session with Qbert, Shortkut, Mad Fingas and DJ Twist blew my mind and buffed up my skills. That was the moment when I decided to travel to other countries, first on the list is USA of course!

I can honestly say that this particular trip has inspired me and my friends for the rest of our lives. My Azerian friend Unis Krilov, who was the camera man and the editor of these clips, says that now he understands my obsession with music and Hip Hop culture - cuz now he feels exactly the same way. 

I believe in growing mentally and physically and developing your musical skills - it is a noble thing and I'll keep on going forever!

Peace, one love and special thanks to QSU, Red Bull, and everybody who supports the movement!" - DJ Grotask

red bull thre3style finals in baku

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