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Site Update: New Lesson Departments & VE categories Added!

We are excited to announce a re-organization of the lesson content here at the Mike Marshall School of Mandolin at ArtistWorks to help make navigation easier for you all. Mike has been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping to identify some of the hard to find and popular items around the site to make more visible and easier to find. There's been quite a few updates, here's a rundown of what's new:

• All study materials (including additional study materials) on the site have been indexed and are searchable using the SEARCH box.

We removed these lesson categories:

  • Additional Tunes n' More

  • Lick of the Week

  • Tune of the Week

All the lessons that were in these locations have been moved into one of the new lesson categories or placed in the beg/int/adv lesson lists if they were Bluegrass (the VEs are still tied to the lessons, nothing has been removed from the site just relocated.)


We added these NEW lesson categories:

  • Dawg Tunes - You guessed it, this is the new resident home for David Grisman tune lessons and VE submissions

New Dawg lesson to be added here very soon... let's just say within the next 16.16 days ;)

  • New Acoustic Music - The new location for lessons and VE submissions in the modern contemporary styles of artists like Chris Thile, Matt Flinner etc

  • Swing & Jazz - This is your new home for classics from the American songbook, gypsy jazz, swing and related VE submissions.

  • Classical - J.S. Bach and more, this is the new location for Mike's classical mandolin lessons and VE submissions.

  • Mandocello - Find Mike's teaching and performances on "the big gator" here. This is also the new location for you to submit VEs on Mandocello, Octave Mandolin and Mandola.

  • Licks & Tricks - This is where you'll find many of the lessons that were in Lick of the Week and will be the home for future lessons in this vein.

  • Transcribed Solos - Lessons where Mike literally steps you through his process of learning a solo line by line, includes several lessons from Lick/Tune of the week.

  • Holiday Tunes - This lesson department existed already but we've just added 2 new lessons: "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" and a 7 part lesson breaking down "Sleigh Ride" by Sam Bush. Now you've got some runway on the calendar to work them up before the next holiday season rolls around.

  • Brazilian Choro - You asked for it and here it is! We've compiled Mike's Choro lessons and performances from around the site here in a dedicated section. You can submit your VEs here too. In celebration of this long anticipated section, we're launching it with a new Brazilian Choro clinic/interview special Mike did with Brian Moran and Brian Rice. All 10 parts are there now + an additional 3 Play Along lessons with backing tracks that you can join the jam with. The Play Alongs are lessons that you can submit VEs on as well.

Finally, We've updated/renamed the VE submission lesson pages that were originally titled "Other Student Submitted Tunes: (topic/genre)."  Any of these that correspond to one of the new departments can be found in that department. For example what used to be "Other Student Submitted Tunes: Brazilian Choro" is now titled "Brazilian Choro - Submit a Video" and found in the Brazilian Choro section. For categories that don't have lessons or a new section, such as "Celtic" or "Original Tunes" - these VE submission lesson pages will still appear at the end of the lesson list in Beg / Int / Adv where they existed before the change.

We really hope you dig the updates and new content, and if you discover any issues or can't find a specific item please contact customer service.  Happy picking!









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