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Tips for Connecting with Your Local Music Community

Have you moved to a new location? Are you looking for new places to play and ways to meet other local musicians? Take the skills you’ve learned here at ArtistWorks and share them using these tips to connect with your local community.

Open Mics

This one might seem obvious, but do a search for open mics, and chances are you’ll find at least a couple in your area. This is a great way to test new music, but also to connect with other area musicians. Stay after and tap them for info on where else they play, too!


Local Gigs

Go check out the performances of local musicians in your area. Hang around afterwards and have a chat about the local scene, tips and what they’ve found useful. Tell them you loved their set, too!


Coffee Shops

So, your local coffee shop doesn’t have live music? Offer to play for an hour at no charge and put out the tip jar. Invite your friends and get the ball rolling. You can create a local hub for live music if you diligently share on community Facebook groups and calendars. 


Connect to Your Local Music Dealer

Musical instrument retailers want to bring local musicians and students into their stores. Go say hello. Offer to participate in in-store events and get to know the folks that service your music community.


Song Circles

Have you met a few local kindred spirits? Invite them over to share music by taking turns playing songs and giving each other constructive and supportive input. Fun and helpful!


House Concerts

If you can’t find a place to play, make one. Invite your friends and local independent music artists to play at your house (or the home of a friend with a nice sized living room). Pass the hat to benefit performers and make it pot luck. Easy, fun and affordable!


Farmers Markets and Art Festivals

Any local event that brings people together could use a bit of music. Reach out to your town office and find out how plans their outdoor events. It’s fun to perform for people in your town on a beautiful day!


Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Older folks have lots of free time and love stopping in to hear music. Play some of your own or covers from their era and you’ll be a hit! Connecting with older musicians can be a great way to get insight from local masters, too.


After School

Schools have low budgets and lots of kids that need something to do. Reach out and offer to host an afterschool guitar jam, or open mic right at the school. You’ll hook into a community of talented teenagers and their families.


Libraries and Community Centers

Community organizations like these offer all kinds of events and lessons that are open to everyone. Show up and check them out. Offer to participate. Share your own event ideas. Play as part of an art show or open house. 



Speaking of art, if there’s a local gallery in your area, reach out and chat about playing for openings or special events. You’ll meet loads of local art lovers. Check out other performers who are playing there too.


Connect Online

If you’re an ArtistWorks student, you’ll find connecting with other students in your classes invaluable through our online forum. Get feedback, advice and insight from your peers using the community features that are built right in.


Improve your performance skills and connect with like minded musicians and master teachers at ArtistWorks. Try a lesson for free now!


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