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Top 5 "Chicka" Moments in Rock - by dweinber

Like any good student, I listened to my teacher when he said, "start from the beginning of the program."  As tempting as it was to jump to the advanced section, I listened to Professor Paul and brought an apple to class by starting with the "chickas." I am glad that I did because I now have a renewed appreciation for the "chicka." I have been enjoying watching all of the "chicka-related" video exchanges and this got me thinking... what are some of the best "chicka" moments in rock guitar?

1. Radiohead "Creep"

Radiohead took the "chicka" to a new level when Jonny Greewood blasted a huge, very distorted gigantic Chicka!! Chicka!! before the chorus of this alt-rock classic. Beavis & Butthead were "on" to the chicka in '90s... I wish that Radiohead still played guitar oriented rock. Oh well, at least they made the top of my chicka list... I am sure that was their intent when adding this giant absolutely perfect CHICKA! to "Creep." Well done mates.  

2. Stevie Ray Vaughn "Voodoo Chile (slight return)"

Okay, so this is a remake of the Jimi Hendrix classic, but Stevie really puts the "chicka"-wah into his version. Don't know how to start a song? Start playing chickas with your wah-wah pedal on! Great things are destined to happen.

3. Nirvana "More Than A Feeling/Smells Like Teen Spirit"

'90s GRUNGE chickas = watch out for that Dr. Martin shoe crowd surfing directly at your head through a crowd of angry teens in flannel shirts (and for a bonus add a little of Boston's "More Than A Feeling" chickas in this live version to get the fans really hyped-up).

4. Van Halen "Atomic Punk"

So, you purist "chicksters" out there may balk at my #4 chicka. But, I will argue that Eddie was doing what he always does = innovate and expand upon the chicka technique by performing a palm-mute chicka... add a modified 100 watt Marshall head and an MXR Flanger and you have just created a whole new chicka altogether! But what else would you expect from EVH? 

5. Doobie Brothers "China Grove"

Light up some Doobie Brothers and bring on the seventies-chicka-stylings of "China Grove"... oh yeah. Add a seventies mustache for some extra power and flair of your seventies chicka.

Honorable Mention:

Yellow "Oh Yeah":

Alright, this is an electronic song, but if they would have added guitar to complete the "chick-chicka-chickaw" part, this could have been a contender for cheesy '80s chicka. Actually, it is perfect that this wasn't on guitar because the '80s were all about synthesizers and you really can't do a proper chicka on a synth... what do we do? Just say, "chick-chicka-chickaw"... brilliant. Way to go '80s chicka!

There are soooo many great chickas... I only scratched the surface with some of my favorites. What are your favorite chicka moments?



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