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Traveling 'Ukuleles!

Craig and I thought we'd give you all an update on some of our travels! It's been quite a whirlwind this year. We have traveled all over the globe teaching and performing. What has made us so proud is meeting all of you on our travels! It's so wonderful to be at a festival and have folks come up and say "I'm one of your students!!!". Of course, we usually ask- "Wait- where are you VE's?" to those we don't recognize right away.... You know who you are! wink

MidWest Uke Camp

Earlier this year we were at the MidWest Uke Camp! If you'd like to look at Craig's full album of the event, please click here.  Here are just two photos from the trip- but the first is our favorite! One of our students who came by to say "Hello"! 

Craig and I both had fabulous classes at this event (as you can see from above). AND to top it off, we get to go back NEXT YEAR- so those of you in the MidWest, come see us in Michigan in 2017!

Rocky Mountain Uke Fest

Another highlight from this year was the Rocky Mountain Uke Fest! That festival was the last stop on a short tour for us- where we stopped and visited our friends in Sun City! July was the wrong month to be traveling throught the desert- it was 111F the day we taught in Sun City, AZ. If you'd like to see the full album, please click here. Here are just a few photos from our trip.

Here are two photos from our stop in Sun City, AZ. Craig and I both taught one workshop, then followed it with a concert. After the concert was an AMAZING potluck and open mic. It was so much fun watching everyone's performance!

The drive up to the Rocky Mountain Uke Fest (in Durango, CO) was beautiful. Durango is an amazing town- and we were thrilled to share the bill with Gerald Ross and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. We all taught workshops and then did a performance. Here is a photo of us getting ready for the big show! 

During Danielle's set we pulled out our old instruments- I played violin and Craig played cello! It was such a wonderful experience. We highly recommend finding out more about Danielle Ate the Sandwich! She is an amazing songwriter and fun performer. Her stories always leave us in stitches.

Cairns 'Ukulele Festival:

Another FABULOUS highlight was the Cairns 'Ukulele Festival! WOW- what an event! There were 5 days of different activities- it was unreal! The first night had an open mic followed by a concert- and the talent that was there was AMAZING. Of course, no festival is complete without running into some ArtistWorks students! We got to meet SO MANY of you, and it was wonderful. If you'd like to see the full album, please click here.

This photo above is our friend Cameron Murray- he runs a uke magazine called Kamuke and it's fabuous! He was also a performer at the open mic AND hosted the open mics that happened EVERY evening from 9:00-???. 

Look! One of our many students we got to meet! smiley

In this photo (above) is the 1st evening concert. The performers in this photo are the Montgomery Brothers. They are absolutely stunning - Ryo Montgomery is the lead singer and 'ukulele player... Trust us, you'll get to hear more about him as time goes on. He lives in Cairns, Australia, but we are sure he will become world famous... JUST AMAZING!

The park day was also another highlight from the festival! Many performers got to be on the BIG Festival stage, while others were shopping at the vendors near by. Everyone put on a great show, despite the slightly windy conditions! 

Both Craig and I taught several workshops the day before our performance. Above is a photo of one of Craig's classes- this is his "Percussive Side of Uke" workshop. As you can see, it was quite popular! 

Here is a photo of one of the evenings we attended the evening Open Mic! AND what do you know- one of our ArtistWorks students is performing!!! 

The main concert was quite a thrill! It was a packed out- We opened the show and were followed by Tiffany Smith and the Montgomery Brothers, and finally TIAMANE GARDNER! If you want to see someone who can really SLAY on the 'ukulele, check her out! 

The final night we got to relax while the KoAloha 'Ukulele gang cooked up an amazing meal. We also got to enjoy some beautiful Hawaiian Falsceto and Hula from Kainoa Kamaka and his lovely wife. All in all, this festival was amazing... Those of you who came know there were even more activities than I mentioned... We couldn't do them all, but we sure did try! 

We'll do another update when we get back from our next trip... I've only gotten us caught up to the end of AUGUST! We are off tomorrow (9/28/16) to the Port Townsend 'Ukulele Festival in Washington! That should be a ton of fun as well- and it is SOLD OUT. Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures. Feel free to like both Craig and my Facebook Fan Pages so you can get to see ALL of the photos from our trips. 


Sarah & Craig



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