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Ukulele Lessons with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel: Save 20% Pre-Launch!

"The fact that people live such busy lives, this gives them a chance to be able to go at their own pace and still have music in their lives - and that’s very important.” - Sarah Maisel

The ukulele is an instrument we've wanted to offer for a long time at ArtistWorks, and we are very excited to announce that it is finally coming soon! It wasn't too long ago that Craig and Sarah were at our studio to record the ukulele curriculum, and soon we will be ready for people to start going through all the lessons. We will be launching Online Ukulele with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel sometime later this month, but in the meantime you can Save 20% if you sign up now! 

ukulele lessons with craig chee and sarah maisel

“What I love about how the curriculum is laid out is you can start at the beginning, even if you’re already a seasoned player you’ll pick up so many things along the way - things you might have forgotten or things you’ve never been exposed to. Going through the whole thing is going to start a great foundation and lead you to even more techniques.” - Craig Chee

Growing up in Hawaii, Craig Chee knew how to play a few basic songs on ukulele, but it wasn’t until he was getting ready to go to college at the University of Oregon that he decided to get serious about it. Because the ukulele has such strong roots to Hawaii, Craig wanted to learn it as a way to stay connected to his past while going to school on the mainland - plus he figured it'd be a cool thing to play at parties. Since then the ukulele has become a huge part of his life, and he’s become known throughout the world as a renowned performer and instructor.

“This is just a really great place to have everything in one spot... it starts with ‘here’s an ukulele’ and goes all the way through ‘here’s how you play chord melody’ - so there’s something for everyone…we cover a lot between the two of us.” - Sarah Maisel

Sarah Maisel first became introduced to the world of ukulele in 2006 while living in San Diego. It was at a local ukulele jam where she became fascinated by the instrument and decided to learn it herself. She studied under the late ukulele master Frank Leong, who taught her many different ukulele styles including traditional playing as well as modern jazz arrangements. As Sarah got better she became known in the ukulele scene for her teaching and performing, which is how she met Craig. With a shared passion for this tiny instrument, the two began performing and teaching together - and soon enough, fell in love and got married!

Learn ukulele from hundreds of lessons, backing tracks, notation, and more online at ArtistWorks…

One of the best parts about Video Exchange Learning® at ArtistWorks of course, is if you have any questions while going through the lessons, or just want to make sure you’re playing something correctly - just submit a video for Craig and Sarah to review. They will watch your video, then record their own video letting you know what you're doing well and what you should practice in order to improve.

As a member you have access to everyone else’s Video Exchanges, so even if you don’t submit a video yourself you can benefit from the advice that Craig and Sarah give to other people. It might be something you've always wanted to know but were too shy to ask, or it could be the very thing you need to hear in order to take your playing to the next level!

ukulele lessons with craig chee and sarah maisel coming soon

Save 20% when you sign up now before we launch!

For more info and free sample lessons visit



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