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The Value of Learning Music Online


When Guthrie Trapp played a concert in San Francisco with John Oats, one of his ArtistWorks students was in attendance. Learn why Scott Miller decided to attend that show, and offer Guthrie money afterward.


In February of 2018, Guthrie Trapp played the Great American Musical Hall in San Francisco, California. Guthrie went on tour with John Oats, Same Bush, Josh Day, Paul Franklin, and Steve Mackey- an all star crew any music lover would kill to see live.



One ArtistWorks student recognized the opportunity and couldn’t pass it up! Scott Miller made the trek from Sacramento to San Francisco for this once-in-a-lifetime show. Scott made a big impression on Guthrie Trapp and ArtistWorks founders, Patricia and David Butler, when he waited for his online instructor outside the show.


Scott approached Guthrie and thanked him for a great show. He shared that he joined ArtistWorks in December, during our 50% off Christmas sale. Scott was so blown away by Guthrie’s talent, and the superb instruction he’d been receiving in the ArtistWorks Electric Country Guitar school, that he decided to pay the difference- giving Guthrie the money he saved from the sale.


We were so excited to see Scott’s enthusiasm for learning guitar online, that we decided to reach out to him and ask him more about it.


The following conversation below has been paraphrased and edited for clarity.


Q: When did music enter your life?


My parents were both musical! My dad played the ukulele, and my mom played the piano and mandolin. From an early age, music was a part of my life.


Q: Did music stay a constant in your life?


I played on and off as an amateur for fun, but it wasn’t until I retired that I was able to dive in. I finally had the time I needed to play!


Q: How did you choose which instrument on ArtistWorks was right for you?


Well, I initially tried my hand at mandolin -- I even studied with Mike Marshall on ArtistWorks. Mandolin is hard on your hands and wrists, so guitar ended up being the right choice for me.


Q: Which guitar schools are you in?


I made the most of a sale I saw in December, and decided to sign up for Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp and Rock Guitar with Paul Gilbert. I was always familiar with the guitar, I could play chords and scales, but I wanted to learn more.


Q: What have you gotten out of your guitar lessons in these last few months?


I really think this is the Cadillac way to learn music. I mean, they’re really spoon feeding me the information and giving me the direction I need. The lessons are perfect, and they show me exactly what I need to know.


Q: I like that phrasing, “Cadillac way to learn”, can you explain more about what that means to you?


Well, before ArtistWorks, I was just playing the chords and notes. Now, my playing is more than that- I’m finding the musiciality in my playing. I feel like these legendary players are spilling all their secrets.



Q: What are your goals going forward for your playing?


Well, I play in a couple bands, and I love performing. I just want to keep playing and getting better! I know I’ll see improvement, because I’m learning from musicians in the top of their field, following their method, and soaking up their lessons.


Q: We already know that you see a lot of value in your ArtistWorks lessons, what provides that value to you?


Compared to in person lessons, it’s a big difference. I used to commute 45 minutes for lessons, pay more than I wanted to, and feel like I just wasn’t getting enough out of it. Now, for much less money, I’m learning from experts. Their lessons are perfectly planned out, and structured. I would definitely recommend it.


Join Scott, and learn Electric Country Guitar from Guthrie Trapp here.

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