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Video Exchange Tips from Keith Wyatt

blues guitar tips

Since launching the School of Blues Guitar nearly three years and several thousand video exchanges ago, I have noticed a few things that make VE’s more productive.

First Exchange

Submitting your first VE might be nerve-wracking, so the best approach is to keep it simple and to the point. A few other items also help make our first VE productive.


Screen names are often vague, so please let me know what you prefer to be called.


Give me a very brief summary of your musical background and overall direction. Use the text comment option if you’d prefer not to speak on camera.


Make sure that both of your hands are shown clearly on screen. If you use a backing track, check that both the track and the guitar are being picked up by your microphone. Don’t worry about producing professional-quality sound and video - they only have to be good enough for me to clearly hear and see what you’re doing.

General Tips

Here are some more ideas for how to get the most out of each VE:

Let me know what you’re thinking

The more I know about what you’re aiming for or what you find most challenging about the lesson, the better I can target my response. VE’s work best when they’re short and focused, but a few extra words either on camera or via text can be very helpful.

Check your work

After you record a VE, put it away for a little while and then watch it again before you send it. Mistakes that slip past while you’re playing often become obvious with a second look, and developing the ability to listen critically and self-diagnose is as important to your long-term progress as the VEs themselves.

One step at a time

Don’t pre-record multiple VEs at the same time, since my comments on one might also apply to the rest - wait until you get a response and take it into account before recording the next one.

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

I’d love to hear your most badass solo, but first let me hear you play some rhythm - that’s the true foundation of blues.

Take your time

I would much rather hear you play slow and solid than fast and sketchy. The students who make the greatest progress tend to be those who are patient, persistent, and take the time to get it right. Blues doesn’t need a lot of notes, so make every one count.

That &*$% A7 chord…those $^%# barre chords…

Certain techniques can be very frustrating, but there’s nearly always more than one way to play something on the guitar. If a technique is especially difficult, let me know and I can probably show you an alternative.


Keith Wyatt teaches blues guitar online at ArtistWorks. If you are not already a member, click here for free sample lessons!

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