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What I've Been Up to Recently, by Jeannie Deva

jeannie deva paul gilbert

Wanted to share a few things that I've been up to recently. 

After our press conference at NAMM 2014 jamming with my fellow ArtistWorks teachers: the Amazing Howard Levy on Harmonica and Rock Guitar Wizard Paul Gilbert, Paul brought me into his Los Angeles, California recording studio to sing vocals on the title cut of his upcoming album. That was a real treat.

Then one of my star clients Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) came to LA while on her spring tour of the US. She gave a fantastic performance in Hollywood, and here we are in her dressing room after the show. 

Touring with Lynda is my friend, another ArtistWorks teacher, the award winning percusionist Luis Conte

Music Connection Magazine - the world leader of music mags - just featured an article by me in their May issue titled: "Singer's! Be Heard Over Loud Bands!" You can read my full page article at the link here

[If you click on that link after the month of May, just go to their "back issues" and you'll find the May issue which features an interview with UK's Pop Queen Lily Allen.]

Singing at one's best includes a combination of vocal technique and correct exercises, performance technique and knowing how to work with a few pieces of electronic equipment. In my coaching of singers I include all of these aspects. This includes my testing and reviewing singer-gear from as many companies as I can. I write my reviews in what I call "singer speak" so that it's easy for singer's to understand the important points. It's important to know things like: how to select and use the right microphone for your particular voice and how to work with live stage sound and electronics such as the monitors to help you sing at your best when performing.

Right now I'm completing my testing of two types of Sennheiser headphones for singing in recording studios. It's really remarkable the difference these make when singing in a recording! I used one of them, the HD 280 Professionals, when I sang my tracks for Paul Gilbert.

Some of my gear reviews will soon be found in Music Connection's blog, and you'll also find some on my own website: 

And of course, I've been having a wonderful time working with my students both in my private voice studio in Los Angeles, California and in my video exchange online voice school at ArtistWorks:

Well, that's it for now. Have a great Spring!

I'm here to help you be the best singer you can be and if I'm not working with you yet, I look forward to doing so!

Jeannie Deva




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