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What to Look for in Online Music Lessons

Music in our schools month

It’s Music in the Schools month, and here at ArtistWorks we’re excited to celebrate the amazing contributions of school music teachers. These instructors are truly the front line for guiding developing young players as they progress in their musical journey. 


While the benefits of learning and playing music are numerous, the reality is that music programs are receiving less funding and attention under already stressed school budgets. Fortunately, there’s still a way to develop and expand your music program that is also cost effective: online music lessons. 


Here’s how online music lessons can benefit your instruction, plus some pointers and ideas to consider along the way. 


Add Instruments to Your Program

While many school programs traditionally focus on band and orchestra instruments, consider expanding by offering additional instruments that are taught via online lessons. Maybe your school lacks a guitar or piano program, or maybe you have students interested in ‘ukulele, which is especially popular with young people today. Online lessons can help you avoid straining your busy schedule, while giving students a chance to try new instruments that will inspire and excite them. Hint: students can earn school credit with ArtistWorks’ Music Certificate Program while learning ‘ukulele — taught by master musicians Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel — or blues guitar, taught by blues legend Keith Wyatt among over 30 other music courses online.


Skill Development for Rising Stars


It’s truly an amazing feeling when a teacher recognizes the stand out talent of a gifted performer. Shepherding that student to develop his or her skills to their full potential can be an exciting challenge! Online music lessons may be the key to develop the extra needs of these advanced students and expose your students to the expertise of a professional musician. 


Video Feedback

An all-important aspect of music instruction is the feedback that students receive as they learn new techniques and processes. Visual feedback as well as written assessment help students really understand how to adjust and improve. Be sure that the online music lessons program you choose offers an interactive element that boosts engagement and retention. ArtistWorks’ Music Certificate Program allows students to upload videos of their performances to receive feedback and meet benchmarks. Teachers can review this feedback as well to better assist in their student’s instruction. 


School Credit

The possibility for students to receive credit through online music lessons makes them all the more appealing, but not all online platforms stack up the same. Make sure you seek out courses that are accredited so that your students can build towards their future. ArtistWorks is accredited as a supplemental education provider by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, allowing students to earn school credit while they participate in certificate bearing courses like ukulele and blues guitar as well as 30 other non-certificate courses that are self-paced. Teachers can follow their progress and are provided access to grades and materials that students produce.


We hope you have a productive Music in Our Schools Month! When you’re ready to pursue accredited courses for your program, we hope you’ll consider ArtistWorks Music Certificate Program




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