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What's What Around Here, Anyway?

Greetings, Fiddlers!
Darol here.

I thought I'd just post an informational blog for both the new folks & old folks, reminding everyone where everything is and what's available, with some tips on how to use this incredible musical resource we have here.

What is going on here, anyway?!?!  I have to say, it's quite a place.  So many features!

The wonderful, hard-working folks at the Artistworks main office have been helping build this site with me and for you for over seven years now…amazing, but true.

So: directly above this blog, you'll see my monthly update video, (sometimes more often, if I get an idea) where I wax grandiloquent about various fiddling ideas and news that occur to me. If you look closely, you'l see a little tiny video message archive at the bottom of the screen where you can click & find every message in order. Many of these have identified what the musical subject of the video is, and you can search them for fun information. Many of these greetings have since become Video Lessons, and are often inspired by students' Video Exchanges.

OK! If you look up to your left, next to home, you'll see Lessons– our core feature: The Fiddle Curriculum: beginning to advanced graded lessons in every style of fiddling, with a separate Jazz Violin program, all accessible in any order by every subscriber. I add to this program all the time, it's going to be my legacy to all fiddlers everywhere.
No matter your level, always a good idea to check through the beginning stuff for bow hold tips, etc.

Video Exchange next…the unique, insanely great feature of Artistworks only. You can get to this part two ways: from the Lessons, or from the Home page. That's how cool it is!  Searchable by tune, of course.

Yes, dive in & send a video-- it doesn't have to be perfect, just let me know where you are in your fiddle journey, and say hello.
And if it took 25 times to make a video you like, that's also good-- just observing yourself on your own video can be helpful-- and you practiced it! Good work!

Here's an idea: Do you have a buddy on the site? Or maybe collect a couple of videos from somebody who seems to be at your own level, create your own folder of favorites on your OWN PAGE --yes, you have your OWN page, where we're not collecting or selling your information-- communicate with them- share ideas and encouragement! I've even got one of these, where I put up my other crazy videos of interest. You can, too!

In that Lessons section, we have some tabs down lower with amazing resources:
Next to the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tabs,
In the +Music section is where you can find a ton of my interviews with other great fiddlers, all sharing info and teaching guest lessons, and some great, informative performances with other artists.

Next is Study Materials--here are lots of backup tracks to practice with and pdfs of written versions of tunes and study material- of course, it's best to learn by ear if you can, but the notes will remind you of details, and if it's a complicated tune, the notes can clarify things and provide bowing ideas.

We have the blog section, where Artistworks updates you on cool stuff, and info from the school.
the FORUM is where you can share questions, comments, etc. This is also becoming a great library of import an info that you don't need to take the time to watch a video over. Lots of info about strings, gear,and so forth.

And of course the messaging and shout-out stuff is right over on the left side of the Home page.

The great thing about this site is that there's so much communication going on all the time between members.
It's the next best thing to a real music college campus like Berklee, and in some ways better because
1) there's no dress code or fashion police,
2) you don't have to look good all the time…
3) you don't have to get up at 7 am to make your class!




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