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5 Reasons to Start Bass Guitar Lessons

Reasons to Play Bass

If you're considering learning an instrument, starting bass guitar lessons is a great choice. While it might not be as popular as its cousin the electric guitar, bass has an allure and culture all its own, making it a wonderful, less-than-obvious choice for new musicians. And we’re not the only ones that think so. ArtistWorks’ globe-spanning community of bass students are a passionate, supportive, talented bunch who are always ready to welcome newcomers. 


Need more convincing? Here are five reasons to start bass guitar lessons. 


1. Bass players wanted

As much as we hate to admit it, the bass, for whatever reason, typically falls behind guitar in our collective consciousness. (Let’s work on that, people.) And regardless of why that might be the case, the reality is that it makes getting gigs as a bassist that much easier. Let's face it, good bassists are a hot commodity in many musician circles where everyone’s brother is a guitar player. Get to a point where you're a competent player who can lock in the groove, and watch the calls come in. 


2. A myriad of styles 

Whether you want to groove like Nathan East, swing like John Patitucci, or thump like Missy Raines, learning the bass is an adventure unto itself. There are a range of styles to try, each with its own distinct technique and feel. Some players start playing rock, and move on to jazz, while others start in jazz and veer off to funk. No matter what music you listen to, keep an open ear and willingness to try something new, and follow where your bass instincts lead you. 


3. The fascinating art of bass 

No matter the genre, the language between a drummer and bassist is an all-important, almost sacred connection. A group can have an amazing vocalist, expert guitarist and keyboard player, and rock solid drummer, but if the bassist isn't up to par, the groove — the feeling — is lost. The true art to bass playing is possessing a selflessness and ability to listen, while adding an anchor and counterpoint to the music (you’ll learn all about this in our courses). Not all bassists are created equally, but taking lessons from the right instructor is your first step to understanding this delicate art. 


4. An encouraging, tight-knit community 

Bassists stick together. Take a look at the communities within any ArtistWorks bass course, and you'll find musicians who lend a hand, share tips, and help each other improve. Becoming a bass player means you join the ranks of a passionate group of players working to hone the craft and spread the gospel of low end. 


5. Learning might be easier than you think

ArtistWorks' revolutionary online music lessons platform is an affordable, interactive way to learn how to play bass. You’ll access a massive lesson library that covers fundamentals, advanced techniques and key learning strategies from master players Nathan East (electric bass), John Patitucci (jazz bass) and Missy Raines (bluegrass bass). Plus, participate in Video Exchange Learning, where you can record practice videos, learn from other students' breakthroughs, and receive tailored video feedback from your instructor.


Ready to become a bassist? Try free online bass lessons and start today. 






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