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6,000 Video Exchanges & 6 Free Ibanez Guitars

Mr. Big guitarist and ArtistWorks instructor, Paul Gilbert, has reached 6,000 Video Exchanges in the ArtistWorks Rock Guitar School, and he's giving away 6 of his signature Ibanez guitars to celebrate.

An ArtistWorks exclusive feature, the Video Exchange Learning® method allows students and teachers more personalized virtual interactions than ever before. Through this system, members at ArtistWorks can submit practice videos for their instructor to review and provide feedback.

Over the last 6 years, Paul Gilbert has used Video Exchanges to help thousands of players reach their personal music goals. Paul responds to each practice submission with specific guidance that directs the student towards better playing. Wether he helps a beginner student learn to hold the guitar, or offers expert suggestions to an advanced player on improvisation, Paul responds to students from all over the world (often times while on tour himself).

Paul has come to know the ArtistWorks Rock Guitar students by name, saying:

“Do you know Leonel, Alex, Sophia, Garrett, Drew, or Radek? I do. They are all students in the online Rock Guitar School at ArtistWorks. I know their names (and the names of many others) because I personally respond videos of them playing guitar and asking questions”.

Reaching 6,000 Video Exchanges® on ArtistWorks represents a tremendous achievement for Paul Gilbert, signifying a culmination of 6 years of dedicated instruction.  To celebrate, Paul is awarding 6 ArtistWorks Rock Guitar students with Ibanez PGM miKro guitars signed by Paul himself.

When Paul shared the news, the Rock Guitar students freaked. out. (understatement).

"I am SO HAPPY!!! Thank you so much Paul! Thank you Artist Works! All my eyes have been on the Mikro since Namm. It's a beautiful guitar, and I can't believe I won it! I'm so happy, and I can't wait to use it for my VE's and classes. Best Monday ever. Thank you Paul and Congratulations on the 6000 video milestone!" - SophieParham

"Saying that this made my day would be a severe understatement. A guitar lasts a life time. Thank you Paul!"- Tobi

"Congratulations to the winners, and specially to Paul for such a big milestone! Considering the school opened in 2012, it means you do about 1000 VE's every year, or nearly 3 every single day. It's crazy!" - Octavi

Watch the 6,000th Video Exchange in the Rock Guitar school, submitted by SophieParham here.

Huge shoutout to the six winners:


Geoff Sweet


Chris (CTufts)

David (Haynohara)


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