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Announcing the TrueFire Collection at ArtistWorks


ArtistWorks and TrueFire are part of the world’s leading online music education alliance, TrueFire Studios—a family of brands that includes TrueFire, ArtistWorks, JamPlay, and FaderPro. Over 3 million music students and pro musicians around the world "learn, practice, and play" with TrueFire Studios’ massive library of interactive video music lessons and all-star faculty of artists & educators.


We're proud and excited to bring ten of TrueFire's best courses to ArtistWorks. Each course is now available to purchase and stream, and includes tablature, play-along tracks, and more!



Instructor: Robben Ford

Genre: Online Blues Guitar Lessons



Robben Ford’s innovative and soulful musicality triggered a revolution in electric blues guitar styling. In this 6-hour interactive video course, Robben walks you through his Chicago blues influences, chord and scale vocabulary, rhythm guitar techniques, improvisational approaches, and harmonic insight for crafting the fresh, contemporary lines that comprise his signature sound.



Instructor: Tommy Emmanuel

Genre: Online Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons



Tommy Emmanuel’s compelling musical performances, mesmerizing stage presence, jaw-dropping technique, and beaming personality have attracted thousands of guitarists to the art of fingerstyle playing. This step-by-step course is ideal for early intermediate to advanced players who are ready to develop finger and thumb independence and explore the polyphonic wonders of fingerstyle guitar.



Instructor: Greg Koch

Genre: Online Rock, Roots, & Americana Guitar Lessons



Greg Koch is not only a virtuosic player and performer, he’s also a highly skilled educator and pillar of modern guitar culture. Through his Gristleman Guitar course, Greg will explain and demonstrate 14 essential techniques, sharing his creative twist on chicken picking, vibrato, hybrid picking, bends, Travis picking, pinch harmonics, double stops, slide playing, and more.



Instructor: Pat Martino

Genre: Online Jazz Guitar Lessons



Pat Martino's mastery of the fretboard & enlightened improvisational concepts have inspired musicians since he first took the stage in the early 60s. 50+ years later, Pat is considered one of the most influential guitarists of his time. Through this detailed course, students will learn Pat’s unique approach to the guitar, as well as his intimate philosophies about the instrument & music.



Instructor: Ned Luberecki

Genre: Online Bluegrass Banjo Lessons



Bluegrass banjo players love, if not live, to jam. Having command of a large vocabulary of great-sounding licks to use when improvising is what makes great players stand out. In this collection of lessons from Ned Luberecki, you’ll work on licks to play over G, C, and D chords, a handful of F, A, Am, and Em licks, and also learn some movable licks that you can play over any chord.



Instructor: Dweezil Zappa

Genre: Online Rock Guitar Lessons



Dweezil Zappa is a prolific and extraordinarily inventive composer, recording artist, and performer. In this 2-section course, Dweezil provides everything guitarists need to “break out of the pentatonic box” using his unique Five Shapes of Freedom system. In the first section, Dweezil details the five shapes and goes on to show how to apply them in inventive ways in section 2.



Instructor: Andy Wood

Genre: Online Bluegrass Mandolin Lessons



Beginning his musical career as a professional touring mandolinist, virtuosic guitarist Andy Wood has crafted a two-part course designed for both aspiring mandolinists and guitarists who want to branch out into the world of mandolin. Melody, rhythm, and fills are all a big part of the mandolin player's role in a bluegrass band, and Andy teaches all three in Bluegrass Mandolin.



Instructor: Joe Robinson

Genre: Online Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons



In this acoustic guitar course, Joe Robinson illustrates how to transform six of the most popular song progressions from a basic form to an embellished version, and then to a version with more intricate lines and fingerstyle embellishments. Students work on major and minor blues progressions, I-V-vi-IV, I-vi-ii-V, and I-IV-I-V progressions, and a descending diatonic progression.



Instructor: Luther Dickinson

Genre: Online Electric Slide Guitar Lessons



Influenced by classic Memphis guitar, experimental psychedelic rock music, and regional hill country blues, Luther Dickinson developed a style of electrified, fingerstyle slide guitar that he calls Modern Mississippi. In this series of lessons, you'll play your way through 18 slide guitar performance studies that Luther presents across this highly informative, massively engaging curriculum!



Instructor: Tyler Grant

Genre: Online Bluegrass Guitar Lessons



Tyler Grant’s collection of 30 Hot Bluegrass Flatpicking Licks is your one-stop, fast-track solution to expand your Bluegrass vocabulary! Students will learn descending and ascending lines, bluesy licks, cross-picking moves, major and minor pentatonic phrases, repetitive figures, open string floaters, lines that navigate changes smoothly, fiddle tune tags, and beyond!



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Melodic Style Banjo Lesson: Learn to Play “Blackberry Blossom” with Noam Pikelny




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