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ArtistWorks Online Learning Method Featured on Wall Street Journal

Reporter Tom Gorman of the Wall Street Journal has put together a fantastic piece about the online learning method at ArtistWorks. Focusing on our mandolin instructor Mike Marshall, the video breaks down how his students are learning mandolin online from his ArtistWorks curriculum. It's a really great synopsis of what it's like to learn an instrument online using the ArtistWorks platform.

"Our approach is very modern, but it's also very ancient. Traditionally and historically, the way people have learned music is they apprentice to a master." - David Butler, ArtistWorks Chairman

We are very proud to continue this ancient tradition of apprenticing with a master through our online learning schools. Each of our schools are taught by a virtuoso musician who is a master of the instrument. For students learning mandolin, they get to study with world renowned Mike Marshall, who first got a name for himself playing mandolin in the David Grisman Quintet in the 1970s.

"I grew up playing bluegrass as a teenager. The mandolin for me has just been a vehicle, I've always been very comfortable with it." - Mike Marshall

The report also demonstrate how students are able to submit videos of themselves playing directly to their teacher for personalized feedback. The teacher watches their students' videos and then replies in a video with tips and advice on what they should practice in order to improve (we refer to this process as Video Exchange™). In addition to the prerecorded lessons in the online curriculum, students of each school have access to each others' Video Exchanges with their teacher, so they can also learn from the advice their teacher has already given other students which may also apply to them.

online learning at artistworks - mandolin

"In Mike's case he has hundreds of students using the ArtistWorks platform, so it becomes a very efficient way for them to teach." - David Butler, ArtistWorks Chairman

"When I came into the company, it was a new company and a new idea. I remember thinking, 'How's this going to work? Are people really going to learn this way?' And it's funny, I've come to the point where I think it may even be better than live lessons. When a students films themselves, they'll watch themselves several times and they'll say 'Gee I can't send that, I made a mistake there' - and they'll correct it." - Mike Marshall

Mike goes on to explain how he watches his students' video submission in his free time, even when he's on tour. He brings a small video camera with him to record new Video Exchanges from his hotel room.

Using this flipped-classroom model of online learning where the one teaches the many, hundreds of students from dozens of countries are able to learn mandolin from Mike - who is honored to be able to pass on his knowledge to future mandolin masters. 

online learning at artistworks - mandolin instructor mike marshall

"I got kids in India, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Ireland… After a few Video Exchanges back and forth, we're buddies." - Mike Marshall

A learning model as old as time, students all around the world are able to instantly connect with the top masters of their craft.

Learn more about what we're doing with online learning at

Learn more about online ukulele lessons at ArtistWorks

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