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ArtistWorks Music Roundtable Podcast—Episode 4: Andy McKee & Trevor Gordon Hall


Welcome to the latest episode of the ArtistWorks Music Roundtable podcast! In this new installment, our Director of Content and Production, Marcus Luscombe, is joined by the latest addition to the ArtistWorks faculty, world-renowned acoustic guitarist Andy McKee, and fellow fingerstyle guitar virtuoso and TrueFire and JamPlay instructor, Trevor Gordon Hall.


Together, Andy and Trevor discuss their experiences touring together and teaching guitar clinics around the globe. They also share the characteristics of the acoustic guitar that inspired them to initially pick up the instrument, the events that drew them together as musical contemporaries, and more.


LEARN MORE: Want to learn how to play guitar from a master musician like Andy McKee? Sign up here to stay updated on Andy’s new acoustic fingerstyle guitar course coming to ArtistWorks in June 2022!


Andy McKee is widely considered to be one of the finest acoustic guitar players of all time. His unique style and approach to the instrument have garnered him worldwide attention, established him as a pioneer of modern acoustic music, and have put him on stage with some of the greatest musicians of all time including Prince, Dream Theater, Eric Johnson, Tommy Emmanuel, and more.


Most commonly known for his technical prowess, use of progressive fingerstyle methods, and soulful songwriting, Andy brings unparalleled youthful energy to his guitar performance and musical compositions. While Andy incorporates boundary-pushing techniques such as two-hand-tapping, partial capos, slap harmonics, alternate tunings, percussive hits, and more, he never loses focus on the importance of song structure and melody. We are proud to welcome Andy as the newest member of the ArtistWorks faculty of master musicians and are excited to launch his new acoustic fingerstyle guitar course in June 2022.


“I was always drawn to the acoustic guitar because of how personal it is,” Andy explains. “It’s just one person with an instrument. When I’m writing music on the acoustic guitar, I can take my time to dive into the instrument and discover something that really speaks. Whenever I’m writing music, my goal is to create something that will be meaningful to somebody else.”


A relatively young guitarist, Trevor Gordon Hall is one of the preeminent acoustic musicians of the last decade. Emerging on the fringe of the Philadelphia music scene as a virtuoso in the early 2000s, Trevor’s unique combination of technical fingerpicking and intimate songwriting quickly skyrocketed him onto the radars of music and guitar lovers around the globe. He was rated a top 30 under 30 guitarist by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and has shared the stage with or drawn praise from peers and guitar legends such as John Mayer, Steve Miller, Graham Nash, Steve Hackett, Pat Martino, Stanley Jordan, Tommy Emmanuel, and more. Trevor and Andy have performed together for years, and continue to musically conspire to this day.


“We understood each other right away,” Trevor expresses to Andy. “We both grew up listening to Michael Hedges and I remember we quickly connected on that shortly after meeting. I feel like you and I were both inspired by Michael to use the instrument to say something different, but also to create music that would really resonate with other people.”


To learn more about these two master guitarists and their lives as world-renowned performers and educators, listen to the full podcast with Andy McKee and Trevor Gordon Hall here:



If you’re interested in studying the acoustic fingerstyle guitar and learning about Andy’s unique approaches to performance, musicianship, and songwriting, check out his upcoming online guitar lessons that will be launching here at ArtistWorks in June 2022!



On the ArtistWorks Music Roundtable, members of our faculty of master musicians are joined by notable musical guests to discuss topics on anything and everything music. Subjects ranging from touring and memorable moments on the road to recording, songwriting, musicianship, music theory, technique, and more will be addressed. Nothing is off-limits, and all musical themes are fair game!


Looking to dive into more music podcasts? You’ve come to the right place. Investigate previous episodes of the ArtistWorks Music Roundtable podcast where plenty of topics are explored with fantastic, hand-selected, and knowledgeable guests.


Want to get started on overcoming the roadblock on your musical journey with our online music lessons? Try out some free sample music lessons with any of our master musicians and learn from the best!



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