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DJ Qbert's 7 Freestyle Tips for Vinyl Skratching

DJ Qbert Skratch Freestyle Tips


DJ Qbert is one of the best-known Skratch artists in the world, and he's just uploaded a new video for ArtistWorks Skratch students. (If you want to access this new lesson -- join the ArtistWorks Skratch school here).

In this brand new content, DJ Qbert talks about his top tips for freestyling.


Here is a sneak peek of some of DJ Qbert's top 7 tips for freestyling on vinyl:


1. Have Fun


DJ Qbert suggests just moving around, making noises and having fun with it! The purpose of making music is to enjoy it, if there is no fun -- what's the point? You want your energy to show through what you're creating, because that will help draw


2. Say It Before You Play It


Sound the noise out loud before you try to skratch it. Don't be afraid to sound silly, just act like a child and let go! By sounding it out ahead of time, you create an outline to follow and are able to transform your idea into sound.


3. Make Sound Go Up and Down


It's important to add dimension to your sound by going up and down. Qbert demonstrated this in the video, using volume and pitch to add layers to what he creates. By utilizing this approach, you can avoid sounding "flat".


4. Try to Rhyme


Everyone loves a good rhyme -- and you definitely do not need to use words to create a rhyme feel. Repeat sound at the end of phrases, and create continuity throughout your work.


5. Listen to Other Musicians


Get ideas for how they're playing the components -- the trumpet, guitar, etc. You don't have to only listen to DJ's, artists of all instruments are finding ways to make unique and unexpected sounds that could inspire you.


6. Listen to Yourself


Find out what you like about what you played, what you want to remove, and try to build some structure to your sound. You are your best critic and coach -- lend your ear to your work, and make it better!


7. Close Your Eyes


You can hear the subtleties of your sound more by not being distracted by what you're seeing. By closing your eyes, you can fully lean into the sounds and listen for each note.


Learn these tips and more in DJ Qberts online Skratch school at ArtistWorks. Explore what is included here.




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