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How to Play Backup on Banjo

Attention Banjo players!

Exceptionally talented instructor, Tony Trischka, is constantly updating the ArtistWorks Banjo School to enhance learning for students (like you!). That's why Tony has instated a new section in the Banjo cirriculum titled "Playing Backup".  If the title doesn't give it away, this section is jam packed full of lessons designed to help you be a better team player. You'll learn how to play with others, excel in backup playing, and even how to play "fancier". We're intrigued! 

But wait, it gets better. This new section isn't just a new way of organizing content you've already seen (bleh!)- it's actually housing brand new lessons! Just yesterday, we added "Backup Off Beats- 3 Different Ways". This is an Intermediate level lesson, where Tony expands on previous backup lessons to take you to a whole new level of playing. Click here to dive in!

To get you excited about learning backup and playing with others, we've compiled Tony's best reasons & tips for playing with others (even as a beginner!): 

1. You may think you're not ready- but it's never too early!

Tony says his expert friends recommend playing with others from the beginning. You can just strum along along with a guitar, mandolin, or piano. Even if you're only playing one cord, you're soaking up tons of important banjo playing skills. 

2. You'll make amazing friends playing with others. 

Tony says almost all his best friends have come into his life through music. When you share a passion for playing an instrument, you already have an amazing common ground. Tony can't speak highly enough of the Bluegrass and banjo community he's a part of. In Tony's words: "It's a wonderful world to be in!".

3. It's a better use of your time than watching TV!

Playing with others teaching you technical skills like improvising, playing backup, and working with others! In order to play with others, you will need to know some basic backup skills (the whole reason why you should start learning in Tony's new section today!).

Jump into this new section and get strumming!

Not a student of Tony Trischka's Banjo School yet? Click here to check out free lessons and join today!



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