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How to Practice at Home Without Disturbing Others

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With many of us staying home and practicing social distancing for the time being, one silver lining is that we now have much more free time to practice music. Whether you’re taking our online music lessons or practicing on your own, it may be tempting to crank your volume up to eleven and really jam out. However, we need to be respectful of those around us, especially during these trying times.


Here are some things to consider that will make your next practice session enjoyable for everyone.


Notify those around you before practicing

Lots of us are now working and studying from home, which means your practice sessions might have an unexpected audience for a bit. Reach out to your housemates and neighbors prior to playing to make sure you aren’t disrupting anything important with your music. Better yet, establish a designated practice time block that all parties can agree upon. 


Soundproof your rehearsal space (as best as you can)

Sound travels extremely well in bare rooms, which means you’ll need to fill up space in your rehearsal room in order to soundproof it. Sound dampening foam will make a world of a difference in reducing noise, however there are many other options out there if you don’t want to leave the house to go shopping right now. Rugs, draft stoppers, and even thick blankets can all be used to catch sound and limit vibrations caused by your instrument. 


Reduce your instrument’s noise

Most instruments have a way to reduce their noise, whether internally or through an accessory.  Taking online drum lessons with Peter Erskine? Use some practice pads. Learning how to play trumpet? Invest in a mute. Just started free online guitar lessons here at ArtistWorks? Unplug your axe and play un-amplified for a bit. 


Wear headphones

If you’re planning on using a backtrack, consider listening through headphones. This way, you won’t have to blast your backing music over your playing, thus reducing more noise. Plus, you’ll most likely get a much clearer sound than listening through built-in laptop speakers. You could also plug your headphones directly into your guitar’s amplifier in order to get that electric sound without disturbing others.


Play away from the door

This one is often overlooked by bedroom musicians. If you don’t want sound to leave the room, then why are you facing the door? Instead, turn around 180 degrees and face into the room. Even better, play directly into a pillow or a pile of clothes. All of this is extremely helpful in containing noise.


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