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Jake Groves' Harmonica Journey

online learning - harmonica video exchange

How did you find out about Howard's harmonica school?

I did a google search.

Why did you want to learn how to play harmonica?

I started listening to and emulating Bob Dylan when I was in college, so I had to have the harmonica and harmonica rack to play most of his songs.

What drives you to keep playing harmonica? Why do you love it?

I love harmonica because of its portability: you can take it with you (almost) anywhere. It is also the most simple, folksy instrument in American music. It's humbleness attracted me. But, as I am discovering, it is incredibly dynamic.

Who inspired you to play? Who are your biggest musical influences?

Bob Dylan got me started playing the instrument. He is also a big influence on my playing. However, since joining the school, blues harmonica players such as Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson have inspired me.

What drove you to seek out harmonica lessons online?

I wanted to learn to play blues harmonica and needed a teacher. I couldn't find one where I was living and I stumbled upon Howard's harmonica school online.

online learning - student profile on JakeWhat's your favorite memory and/or musical highpoint of your harmonica career?

My best memories are playing the harmonica at social gatherings, with friends. I also used to teach ESL and I did a class where we sang the blues to my harmonica accompaniment. That was pretty rad.

What's your favorite part learning harmonica online with Howard?

The Video Exchanges.

What's the biggest improvement you've noticed in your playing?

My understanding of the instrument. Howard has a vast knowledge of music and the history and mechanics of the harmonica. This has been the most helpful.


Watch Howard's Free Harmonica Lessons

What has surprised you most about harmonica school once you became a member?

All of the things you can do with the harmonica. I had never imagined jazz harmonica. Also I was impressed by the skill of my fellow students.

What would you tell people who are considering signing up for harmonica lessons with Howard Levy?

Try it out! No matter what skill level you are, Howard can help you improve.

What's next in your life as a harmonica player?

I hope to join a blues band on harp.


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