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Looking Back at 2015

It’s been a big year. Last December we sent out a survey asking which new instruments you’d like to see added to our list of online learning schools. Well in the last 12 months, we have added 7 new teachers to our Online Music Faculty. That’s over 100 years of combined music mastery! 

Here’s a brief look at our 7 latest teachers and what they offer:

guthrie trapp, country guitar lessons

Guthrie Trapp, Electric Country Guitar

Launched in October 2015, Guthrie is the latest to join the ArtistWorks Music Faculty and our 9th guitar teacher. Country guitar was an overwhelming request from many of you, and we are very excited to have it all up and running now. Guthrie is loving it too, as he says, "it’s just very well thought out, and very well put together."

cello lessons with mike block

Mike Block, Cello

We always wanted to offer cello and are so thrilled to have Mike Block on board. Not only is he classically trained, he’s also a master of jazz and bluegrass and encourages students to explore these other styles. ArtistWorks is perfect for Mike’s busy schedule, since as he says "with the Video Exchanges I’m able to keep up with my students no matter where I am in the world."

jazz piano lessons with george whitty

George Whitty, Jazz Piano

Also launched in October of 2015, George Whitty fills an important gap in the jazz foundation we have established at ArtistWorks. We've created the ultimate jazz piano resource with hundreds of lessons covering everything you need to know - not to mention the Video Exchange Learning® which as George says, "is the coolest use of the Internet in music ever."

blues guitar with keith wyatt

Keith Wyatt, Blues Guitar

Long requested by our members, it was only a matter of time before we found the right blues guitar teacher to join our Online Music Faculty. With over 30 years of teaching experience, Keith Wyatt was exactly what we were looking for. His lessons go deep into the history of the music and cover all aspects of playing blues. As Keith says, "it really represents a lifetime of work and I want people to benefit from that."

piano lessons with hugh sung

Hugh Sung, Popular Piano

Designed for people with little to no music background, Online Popular Piano with Hugh Sung is your opportunity to learn to play the songs you love on piano. As Hugh says, "I love to play, I love to teach, and I really want people to experience the joy that I get when I play a beautiful piece of music." No matter what song you want to learn, Hugh will provide a clear path for you to follow.

classical mandolin with caterina lichtenberg

Caterina Lichtenberg, Classical Mandolin

We’re honored to announce the newest member of our faculty, the amazing Caterina Lichtenberg on classical Mandolin. This highly sought-after artist has performed and taught at some of the most prestigious institutions, and is excited for the opportunity to soon interact online with students around the world through Video Exchange. Launching in 2016, this will be the most extensive classical mandolin resource ever.

jazz saxophone with eric marienthal

Eric Marienthal, Jazz Saxophone

Sax is one of those iconic instruments for jazz, and also one of the most requested instruments from our survey last year. Eric Marienthal was just who we needed to teach this important instrument, he's done it all and played with some of the best in the business. His lessons start with the basics and take you through all the important advanced concepts as well. It's hard to believe it’s only been a few months that Eric has been with us, he’s already recorded over 100 Video Exchanges!

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