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Mike Marshall & Tony Trischka Talk Brazilian Choro Music


Mike Marshall is a virtuosic Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist known particularly for his prowess on the mandolin. Mike began his career primarily in the world of bluegrass, performing as a member of the legendary David Grisman Quintet from 1985-1900. Alongside bluegrass icons like Jerry Douglas, Béla Fleck, Tony Rice, Mark O’Connor, Stéphane Grappelli, and Darol Anger, Mike pushed the boundaries of modern bluegrass and the role that the mandolin plays within the ensemble. Later, Mike and Darol went on to form their own acts—Montreaux and super-group Psychograss (which featured Tony Trischka on banjo and Todd Phillips on upright bass). All three groups made considerable contributions to the sound of bluegrass as a whole and received accolades from fans and critics alike as a result.


Throughout his career, Mike has also extended his reach beyond bluegrass into various other genres and sonic territories. He is well-versed in the improvisational styles of jazz and has tremendous experience performing classical repertoire as well. Additionally, Mike is also an expert in the tradition of Brazilian choro music.


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What is Brazilian choro music?

Choro is an instrumental Brazilian popular music genre that originated in Rio de Janeiro in the 19th Century. Translated into English, the name choro means “to cry” or “to lament.” However, contrary to the implications of its name, choro music is generally very lively, upbeat, and happy.


Much like bluegrass and jazz, choro music is characterized by the virtuosity of its musicians, and the use of improvisation, subtle modulations, syncopated rhythms, and counterpoint. The instruments commonly found in choro ensembles are guitar, flute, a small four-stringed Portuguese instrument called a cavaquinho, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and mandolin.


In this video, Mike sits down with banjo master Tony Trischka to discuss the primary characteristics of choro music and a bit about its tradition and history. They also perform a rendition of the choro classic, “Tico-Tico no Fubá,” on mandolin and banjo.


Mike Marshall & Tony Trischka Talk Brazilian Choro Music:




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