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Inside Missy Raines New Album: "Royal Traveller"


There is so much to be said about multiple IBMA-winner, Missy Raines. She is recognized as a master bass player, an exceptional bluegrass instrumentalist, recording artist, singer, band leader, teacher, and unspoken songwriter.

Her innovative approach and musical repertoire far exceeds her reputation, as it expands to all corners of the industry. Missy’s unprecedented craft embodies many facets, several of which came to light in October 2018 with the release of her newest album, Royal Traveller.


Unlike her previous albums, Missy showcased her talents in a different light by taking a leap as a serious songwriter with over 11 tracks that delve into indie folk rock, Americana, jam grass, and hints of jazz. The album explores layers of Missy’s background that we’ve never seen before, emanating an overall theme deeply rooted in family, tradition, juvenility, and self growth weaving through her roots and upbringing in West Virginia as well as the challenges throughout her musical career.


“Writing about what’s in your heart, in the moment, is like therapy. Songs started to come together, and even the ones I didn’t write for this album were chosen to go along with the theme that was in my head; who I am at this point in my life, where I come from, and what I’ve been through.”


Royal Traveller is Missy’s third album with Compass Records, and the first produced by label owner, founder, and renowned banjo player Alison Brown.


"I went into this project with Alison with the mindset that I wanted to stretch myself and see what I could do. I think we achieved what I was looking for, which is something further reaching and bigger than what I would have accomplished on my own."


The history between Alison and Missy is unique as their paths paralleled during the early stages of their career. Missy was a fan of Alison’s early work on the Quartet album and all of the acoustic music that she had recorded. She had a deep respect and admiration for Alison, her overall vision, and how she had a gift of bringing people together to create something magical.


“As a producer, my vision for this record was to expand the reach artistically but have Missy stay grounded in her bass playing. She has this way of borrowing from other genres to create jams and explore harmonic ideas with each track shining it’s own unique light on her musicality. It’s really special.”


The album is one of a kind as it features a stacked lineup of highly celebrated musicians including, but not limited to: Tim O’Brien, Amy Ray, Claire Lynch, David Benedict, Stuart Duncan, Trent Wagler, and The First Ladies of Bluegrass (Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Sierra Hull, Molly Tuttle). Missy tells her story with grace through beautiful arrangements and hand crafted musical collaborations. With each song, she touches on the various difficult chapters of her life as she acknowledges that this is probably one of the most intimate and honest albums that she has ever made in her career. Her voice is authentic and raw, sharing an intimate piece of her soul expressed in her writing.


“It truly is a vulnerable place to put yourself in, to peel back the layers and let people see you for who you are. They can like it or not, but if they don’t like it, that’s okay because it’s part of you and who you are.”


Check out Missy Raines new record Royal Traveller available online through her website and multiple streaming platforms. Catch Missy on tour at a town or festival near you by visiting her website at:


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