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New Podcast: Chris Eldridge - How to Get Out of a Musical Slump


In this week’s episode of the ArtistWorks Music Series podcast, our co-founder Patricia Butler sits down with Grammy Award-winning guitarist, co-founder of world-renowned bluegrass outfit Punch Brothers, and ArtistWorks bluegrass guitar instructor, Chris Eldridge, to discuss the concept of “How to Get Out of a Musical Slump.” Together, they explore different techniques for staying connected to and curious about your instrument, methods for staying motivated, and how to avoid plateaus in your musical progress. The show is available wherever you listen to podcasts, or you can listen here at ArtistWorks.


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One of the most difficult things that we face as musicians, regardless of our skill or experience level, is navigating a path to avoid plateaus in our musical growth. Consistent improvement is an enormously powerful motivator and keeps us inspired to take on the next big musical challenge. So, what do we do when we find ourselves stuck in a musical slump? How do we regain our motivation, confidence, and inspiration to take on that next challenge and overcome it?


“One of the most important things for me, in terms of getting through periods where I’m having a hard time and not loving what I’m hearing, is just remembering my relationship with music,” Chris explains. “I have to just remember that music is this thing that I love and that it occupies a special place in my life.”


Musical performance is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical and technical one. Motivation, state of mind, and mindfulness play a huge role in musical progression, how you approach challenges, and how you perceive your improvements.


“When I find myself in a rut and don’t feel inspired to play, pushing myself to play regardless doesn’t really help much,” Chris explains. “What works for me is trying to take a step back to rediscover what I love about music, reconnect with my sense of curiosity about it.”


To learn more about how you can get out of a musical slump, find inspiration, gain confidence, and grow as a musician, regardless of your instrument of choice, listen to the full podcast with Chris Eldridge here:



If you’re interested in studying bluegrass guitar and learning even more about Chris’ methods for staying motivated, practicing mindfulness in music, and improving as a musician, check out his online guitar lessons right here at ArtistWorks!



On the ArtistWorks Music Series, CEO Patricia Butler speaks with master musicians across all genres who teach at ArtistWorks. Join them as they dive deep into topics like becoming a musician, playing at all skill levels, and the journey of learning music.


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Tune in for new episodes released every other Wednesday on all platforms, and don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the show!


Want to get started on overcoming the roadblock on your musical journey with our online music lessons? Try out some free sample music lessons with any of our master musicians and learn from the best!



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