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New Year, New Guitar Lessons, New Groove

New Year, New Guitar Lessons, New Groove

It’s the same old story: It’s January and your news feed is heavily saturated with gym memberships, juice cleanses, diet fads, and kale… lots of kale. It seems as though you have received a million emails encouraging you to reevaluate your life in light of the new year. Some may find this refreshing, a benchmark opportunity to wipe the slate clean, while others may find it relentless, even downright negative and annoying.

But here’s a thought: why can’t January mark the beginning of a new creative chapter in your life? Maybe that includes discovering a grounding practice or encourages you to leave your comfort zone and take a chance on trying something new. Rather than subscribing to what’s become a tired narrative, let the new year be yours to take back for yourself.

We at ArtistWorks encourage you to designate January 2019 as the month to simply take time for yourself and play more music.


Why Now?


As some of you may know, we are in a pivotal era of musicianship with new and innovative ways of learning that exist right at our fingertips. Now more than ever, musicians are picking up instruments they’ve only dreamed of playing because the knowledge is readily available to anyone with a mobile device or a desktop computer. With the rise in popularity of streaming and sharing platforms, the opportunity to expand your skills and collaborate with like-minded musicians or learn from world-renowned artists increases as well. Below are our top reasons why we encourage people to invest the time to pick up a new instrument this year.


Overall Well-Being


It is no secret that playing music instills happiness while drastically improving a person's overall well-being. Even five minutes a day can lead to a vast range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, being meditative while helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Others experience an increase in creative expression and self confidence, which comes with the challenge of mastering something new. Best of all, playing music is enjoyable; whether it is a new guitar riff that you have tirelessly been working on, mastering banjo tuning, or learning more songs for the ukulele, though difficult, creates a powerful feeling of self assurance.


Physical Benefits


Playing an instrument nurtures physical benefits such as enhanced hand-eye coordination, a boost to the immune system, and brain development. Learning an instrument at a young age fine tunes simple motor skills. For older musicians, strumming a guitar or learning a new tune can help with memory retention. And because playing an instrument involves using both sides of the brain, it helps with spatial reasoning and literacy skills, while strengthening memory power.


Mental Benefits


The mental benefits of playing an instrument extend to all types of artists, from beginner to advanced players, and to world-renowned musicians. Finding a new guitar lesson online or learning a new mandolin chords have been known to be meditative and grounding for individuals while helping reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase productivity, and introduce the comfort of bonding for those who struggle with connection or social anxiety. Plus, you will find that putting your mental health above all will help you grow not only as an individual, but as a musician as well.


Social Benefits


Playing an instrument is more than improving your mental and physical well being, it also increases socialization by expanding your social circle. Gathering to play music with other musicians evokes a feeling of confidence that encourages social bonding, leadership, and team-building skills. It is never too late to join a musical group, which in turn helps to develop relationships with new friends who share your love of music.


Discipline Benefits


Sitting down with your instrument increases patience, work ethic, and diligence. When you think of the saying, “earning your stripes,” there is an important lesson to take away from the effort you invest. In exercising diligence, time management, and patience, optimal results are realized.


Music in the Digital Age


Investing in yourself is not as easy as it seems. Picking up a violin takes time that many of us don’t seem to have. Like most consumers today, budding musicians visualize rapid results; however, regardless of your preferred genre of music or what instrument you play, we can all agree that one does not learn to master a new instrument overnight.


What if you’re looking to play jazz guitar, but the closest instructor lives an hour away? Is it possible for students to learn efficiently, at a time that suits their busy schedule, while never leaving the comfort of their living room? The answer is simple and just a click away.


We Can Help You Transform Your Playing


We are in fact living in a digital world. Everything we encounter has to be accessible as it is constantly evolving. At ArtistWorks, we understand the demand for accessible lessons while learning efficiently from the very best instructors. We offer variety with access to a massive lesson library for each instrument that covers the fundamentals to advanced techniques. From drums to guitar, mandolin to banjo, our virtuoso teachers offer high-caliber, worldwide instruction with lessons accessible anywhere, from any device. We believe that if you learn from a master through our Video Exchange Learning program®, you can and will transform your musical skills.


Why Artistworks?


While there are thousands of instructional videos available online, what sets us apart? At ArtistWorks, we are dedicated to providing anyone, anywhere in the world with affordable, interactive access to some of the greatest music teachers of our time. Our mission is simple, we aim to "Teach the World Music". Available only on ArtistWorks, you can record practice videos and receive tailored video feedback from your chosen instructor. Our online faculty possess a rare combination of virtuosity and teaching excellence, as each hand-selected music instructor brings many years of performing, recording and teaching experience to their online Video Exchange®. Plus, we are a thriving community where students can share original songs, chat with new friends, and encourage each other to grow as musicians. We have the best online music lessons for adults, teens, and the young at heart as we continue to provide the most comprehensive music education destination available online.


As the new year rolls on, so do our intentions and our transformative process. Whether you are trying to take your band to the next level, playing as a means for meditation, or simply trying to find a new and accessible lesson platform to utilize as an aspiring beginner, the desire to learn continues to grow and the means of learning continues to evolve. One thing is certain: now is the time to play more music. The benefits of using an online platform for music education will continue to expand, opening doors for musicians of varying skill levels for generations to come.


We encourage you to ask yourself: What can music do for you in 2019?


No matter your skill level, you set the pace for musical progress. Our Grammy®-winning masters will guide you on a transformative journey. Visit ArtistWorks to learn more or try out our Free Online Music Lessons from some of the greatest music virtuosi of our time!



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