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Introducing: Power Trio Package

Power Trio PackgeBehind every genre of music there is a wealth of knowledge that comes with the challenge of learning how to play in a style that is unfamiliar to you. Whether it be blues, bluegrass, rock, country, or classical, there are various unique styles of music inspiring those who wish to take their skills to the next level. This is an opportunity for those open minded musicians who are trying to improve their guitar playing skills while expanding the depth of their musical knowledge!

Introducing: The Power Trio Package; an entirely new membership devoted to the needs of electric guitar players from around the world. This is the ultimate addition to our guitar playing curriculum that encompasses rock, blues, and country all wrapped up into one loud package!

With this Power Trio Package, you will be able to experience Electric Rock Guitar with Paul Gilbert, Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp, and Electric Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt within one monthly membership. You will have access to the teachers lesson libraries, video exchange libraries, tablature materials and play-along tracks. These three master musicians possess a rare combination of virtuosity and teaching excellence, bringing years of performing and recording to their curriculum. They are celebrated as some of the best in their genre, and the industry, and we want to offer their expertise to improve your playing.

There is a high demand for multi-genre accessible platforms, and this is just the first of what could be the beginning of various multi-genre memberships available at ArtistWorks in the future. We hand selected these genres because they are so closely related, as they borrow, reference, and share similar technical aspects found in each style of playing. Learning from all three platforms can help strengthen and diversify any electric guitar players repertoire. Investing in the Power Trio Package will have you feeling more confident and masterful in your guitar playing skills and performance level than ever before! Learn how to bend, shred, and cry with the best of em, it's going to get loud!

Ready to dive in and start playing? Explore the in’s and out’s the Power Trio Package and get started on diversifying your playbook! If you aren’t quite sure where to start? Try some Free Sample Music Lessons on us! Don’t underestimate the power of multi-genre, versatile training, it could easily encourage you to take your playing and musicianship down a path you would have never gone down before!

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